20 Most Flattering Hair Colors for Dark Skin [2020]

6. Pale Platinum

platinum blonde hair color for dark skin

Contrast is queen when you’re a woman of color picking out the perfect shade for your hair. A pale, flaxen platinum, as close to white as you can get, will have you looking like a frigging angel. See for yourself.


7. Sea Green

sea green hair color for dark skin

Some of the gorgeous hair colors for dark skin are entirely non-traditional—but they look completely natural. This beautiful woman appears to be a misplaced mermaid with those stunning green ‘locs of hers. Get it, girl.

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8. Peacock Purple

 Peacock Purple Hair Colors idea for girl

Purple weaves with royal blue, subdued plum, and a little bit of burgundy in the undertones. The mix is majestic—slay, queen!


9. Candy Coated

hair color for dark skin tone

Here’s a similar combination. There’s more purple and a vivid raspberry pink, but they sizzle along with the bright blue, green etc. Her hair resembles a My Little Pony mane and we ain’t mad at it.


10. Golden Caramel

black women Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Caramel really is an excellent hair color for dark skin. This is brighter, a bit brassy, and that makes it shine. Check out how it blends with her skin. The combination is flawless.