20 Most Flattering Hair Colors for Dark Skin [2020]

16. Deep Green

Green Hair Color for Dark Skin women

This shade of green is a beautiful hair color for dark skin, especially when it’s interwoven through dark hair. It’s ethereal, particularly with all those curls. Sigh … we’re in love.


17. Red Profusion

hair color ideas for dark skin

What a rich, dark shade of red! It’s a bit brighter than dark cherry or maroon, but definitely not candy apple. This brings up a point: talk to your stylist and experiment together with different mixes. Find the exact color that suits your skin tone.


18. Ombre Tips

Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Not every color change has to be extreme or all-over. Do something like this with the tips of your hair. The warm golden hues of brown leading to blonde act as a natural spotlight.

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19. Too Blue

Blue hair color idea for black women

One look at all these shades of blue is proof enough that they’re gorgeous hair colors for dark skin. The icy ombre is absolutely aces. There’s even some frosted gray at the roots, which may or may not be intentional but nevertheless works.


20. Shades of Flame

Hair Colors for Dark Skin

There are so many textures and dimensions that it’s hard to pinpoint a single color. From copper to auburn to vivid red, everything comes together to create a natural sheath of red.

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Hopefully, this provided some inspiration about the most stunning hair colors for dark skin. How do you highlight your lovely skin tone?