40 Stunning Hair Color Ideas for Green Eyes

6. Decadent Dark Brown

young girl Dark Brown Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Dark browns, such as chocolate or mahogany, complement both green and hazel eyes. The rich browns pick up the flecks and striations in your eyes. In addition to making them stand out, this phenomenon also makes the green seem brighter and more luminous.


7. Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the best hair colors for green eyes—and any other color, frankly. In fact, it’s one of the trending colors of 2017, especially among millennials. With its rosy glow caught somewhere between pink and golden blonde, it’s easy to see why.


8. Oil Slick

There’s nothing like the oil slick highlighting trend, which looks best on black or dark brown hair. Since it features subtle shades of green, an oil slick coiffure will make your eyes blaze.


9. Summer Sunset

Fantasy hair colors are on fire, and many of them flatter emerald, peridot, or hazel peepers. A combination of sunset shades will draw attention to the color of your eyes. People won’t know whether to stare at your hair or your face.


10. Purple Hair Colors

Purple Fade Hair Colors for Green Eyes girl

The experts advise us that purple eye makeup is divine with green eyes. Don’t be shocked that purple hair flatters them, as well. You can go for an all-over color or opt for an extreme ombre fade that takes you from palest lilac to deepest indigo.