40 Stunning Hair Color Ideas for Green Eyes

16. Pretty in Pinks

Pink Color hair for Green Eyes women

There’s just something about pink and green. Pink complements green in all its various shades, so why not include them all? The dark roots keep this pink ombre ‘do from resembling cotton candy.


17. Green, Of Course

Hair Colors for Green Eyes

It goes without saying that you should take the plunge and dye your hair green if you really want to draw attention to your eyes. Green locks will make your peepers light up like nobody’s business. They might even make your eyes look greener than they are.

Magical Updos for Medium Hair

18. Platinum Rose Gold

Platinum Rose Gold Hair Colors for women

Platinum rose gold isn’t really platinum at all, at least not in the traditional sense. It’s just a lighter version of the trending color—the bleach remains on your hair for a bit longer, and the mix that creates pink and gold stays on a little less.


19. Black and Gold

Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Some of the best hair colors for green eyes are combinations. For instance, black hair with golden highlights is absolutely smashing. The gold not only complements the green but makes them glitter even more brightly, as well.


20. Fade to Gray

Hair Colors for Green Eyes

Grey ombre is where it’s at, don’t you think? The dark roots frame the face and the eyes, bringing the focus onto the gorgeous green color. That’s why Gray is one of the best hair colors for green eyes, after all—it’s the ideal canvas.

Medium Layered Hairstyles


hair colors for green eyes





rainbow hair colors for green eyes





yellow hair colors for green eyes





hair colors for green eyes





orange hair for green eyes




white hair with dark roots for green eyes


Do you have green eyes? Adopt a hairstyle that makes them stand out. Assert your personality and make people take notice. What are your favorite hair colors for green eyes?