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Hair Dryer Vs. Heat Gun: Which One Do You Need?

Hair dryer or heat gun; there are many situations when we get confused and think of using one with another as an alternative. Both tools have very different uses, though some of those uses may overlap. This quick and informative article will lay down all of the differences between hair dryers and heat guns to keep you safe and save you precious time and energy.


What Is A Hair Dryer?

hair dryer

Hair Dryer

Chances are, you’re already familiar with hair dryers and probably have one in your home right now. Their use is pretty self-explanatory, in that it dries your hair but uses heat to do so.

Unlike a heat gun, hair dryers typically come with 2-3 different heat settings, including a cool button. This feature is perfect for keeping the cuticle sealed and hair protected.

While they are meant for styling hair, they can also be used for lighter projects like heating things for arts and crafts. It can melt wax, which is helpful for removing crayon marks and other wax-based stuff. It even gets off sticky labels. At their highest setting, which is typically around 140 degrees, hair dryers are typically not as powerful as most of the heat guns out there.

However, hair dryers are affected by the temperature around it. It may get hotter if you’re in a hot room, for instance.


What Is A Heat Gun?

heat gun

Wood Heat Gun

Though a heat gun is similar in terms of design when compared to a hair dryer, their uses make them different in several crucial ways.

Heat guns are powerful and get very, very hot because they are designed for repair and home improvement projects. In fact, they can get as hot as 1,300 degrees! Some heat guns only produce 100 degrees heat, while the typical range is between 300-1,200 degrees.

Unlike a hair dryer, which typically has two or three settings, a heat gun only has an On/Off button. In case you were wondering, heat guns can do a lot of awesome things like easily remove paint, bend pieces of plastic, or even heat a frozen lock or water pipes. That can really come in handy!

As for a beauty tool, a heat gun is an absolute no. Those high temperatures would ruin your hair, blasting and frying it off.


Hair Dryer Vs. Heat Gun – A Comparison

When it comes to a hair dryer and heat gun, there are clearly some key differences that we all should know and remember. The skills of a heat gun and those of a hair dryer are occasionally similar, but typically they are not.

 Heat Gun  Hair Dryer
home improvement/repairs beauty product/small DIY tasks
temps. from 100-1,300 degrees 140 degrees at hottest
2 settings, On/Off 2-3 settings + cool button
NOT save for hair Perfect for hair care


When it comes to heavy-duty projects and home repair, a heat gun is your new go-to tool. With its lower overall temperature, it’s best to stick to hair dryers for lighter assignments and styling that gorgeous hair. Be careful not to ever use a heat gun on your hair or anywhere else on your body. We hope these tips have helped!