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Hair Still Yellow After Purple Shampoo? You Might Be Using It Wrong!

You kept hearing how purple shampoo takes yellow, brassy tones out of hair. The articles and ads made it seem like it’s the ultimate solution to fix your brassy hair.

But that confidence can quickly turn to panic when you finish a shower and find that your hair is still yellow after using purple shampoo.

While purple shampoo gets hyped up for toning down brassiness in hair color, it doesn’t work that way for everyone. So, you might have to try other methods to remove yellow tones from your hair.

But before you jump to a conclusion, consider whether you applied the purple shampoo correctly.

The wrong application of purple shampoo can also be a reason for your yellowish hair even after using purple shampoo.

Check out this article to know why is your hair still yellow after using purple shampoo.

Does Purple Shampoo Remove Yellow Tones?

removing yellow tones with purple shampoo

Yes, purple shampoo is specifically designed to neutralize yellow and brassy tones, but its effectiveness can vary depending on the type and color of your hair.

The purple pigments in the shampoo counteract the yellow tones, as purple is the opposite color to yellow on the color wheel. This helps to maintain a cooler, more ashy tone in the hair.

The effectiveness of purple shampoo can vary depending on many factors, such as your type of shampoo, the condition of your hair, and how often you use it.

All these factors might result in hair that is still yellow after purple shampoo.

Why Is Your Hair Still Yellow Despite Using Purple Shampoo?

There are several reasons why your hair might still look yellow even after you apply purple shampoo.

Your Dyed Hair Color

For hair colored in shades other than light blonde or gray hair, purple shampoo may not have the intended effect.

It can also be used on darker blonde hair or brunettes with lighter highlights or balayage to keep the highlighted sections from turning brassy.

However, it might not have a noticeable effect on the darker parts of the hair.

So, if you have dyed your hair with a darker hair color, purple shampoo won’t fix the yellowish tint.

Not Using Enough Shampoo

not using enough

This is perhaps the simplest issue. If you are not using enough purple shampoo, you may not be able to neutralize the yellow tones in your hair.

Without a sufficient amount of violet pigment, your yellow pigments won’t neutralize. If you have particularly long or thick hair, use more shampoo than usual to ensure adequate coverage.

Not Leaving Shampoo on Long Enough

women with yellow hair  rinsing purple shampoo

Purple shampoo needs time to neutralize yellow tones from hair. If you are not leaving it on your hair long enough, it may not be able to neutralize the yellow tones.

If your purple shampoo brand contains lower pigmentation, it may require a longer duration to neutralize yellow or brassy tones.

Hair Condition

Your hair condition can be one of the reasons for purple shampoo’s failure to remove yellow from hair.

Highly porous hair may not absorb the pigments effectively, while low porosity hair might prevent the shampoo from penetrating the hair shaft.

Another issue might be that the shampoo is that it may simply not have enough purple pigments by volume. When you don’t have enough purple, your hair won’t remove the color.

You can tell a purple shampoo is low on pigment if it does not lather well, which makes it difficult to distribute evenly throughout your hair.

What to Do If Purple Shampoo Fails to Remove Yellow?

If you’re terrified that your hair will be stuck looking like SpongeBob SquarePants for the rest of the time, don’t fear. You still have options to fix those discolored stands.

If your hair is still yellow after using purple shampoo, try these once more with purple shampoo

  • If the purple shampoo you used is not potent enough for your hair type, consider trying a stronger formula.
  • You might need to leave the purple shampoo in your hair longer than usual. Start with 5-10 minutes and adjust based on the results.
  • Sometimes, one wash is not enough. You can try using the purple shampoo again, perhaps a couple of times a week, to gradually tone down the yellow.

If your hair still remains the same, try toners specifically designed to neutralize yellow tones. These are often more potent and can be found at beauty supply stores or salons.

purple toner for fixing yellow hair after purple shampoo

The first approach to fix your hair is to use a purple toner. A purple toner is a more concentrated version of purple shampoo, and it is designed to be left on your hair for a longer period.

Doing so will give the toner time to neutralize the yellow pigments deep inside your hair, with the end result being cooler hair.

Getting rid of yellow tones can take time. In some cases, the best course of action is patience. If you’ve rushed online for answers to your yellow hair just after just one shower, you may need to give the process more time.

If it hasn’t been long since you’ve started using purple shampoo, continue to use the shampoo before selecting another product or going to the salon.

Although it is important to treat your hair well, there’s no reason to spend extra money on a situation that patience might cure.

In the meantime, don’t overcompensate for your purple shampoo’s poor performance by adding a ton more.

Applying too much purple shampoo could create other problems, like drying out your hair or creating product buildup on your scalp. Instead, use the amount recommended by the brand.

If yellow tones are refusing to leave your hair, you may need to bring in an expert.

They might be able to give you specialized insights based on your hair texture and health, as these factors influence the products that may work best for you.

For example, they may suggest a deep conditioning or protein treatment to help strengthen and repair damaged strands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about purple shampoo as a remedy for yellow hair.

How long does it take for purple shampoo to remove yellow tones?

Generally, you should start to see an improvement in your hair color after a few uses. If you aren’t seeing results after a few days, you can begin consulting the tips above.

Can purple shampoo fix yellow roots?

Yes, purple shampoo can help to neutralize yellow tones in your roots. If your roots are significantly darker than the rest of your hair, however, you may need to use a different product or visit a salon and get a professional treatment.

Can too much purple shampoo turn your blonde hair purple?

If you are using too much shampoo, it may leave a purple tint on your hair but it’s not permanent.