15 Perfect Hairstyles for Any College Function

Hairstyles for college functions shouldn’t be something overboard. One must keep it glamorous but chic to make the best look come together. Here are 15 ideal college functions hairstyles for teen girls. Most of these hairstyles are recommended for Indian girls who are attending a college function or a casual event. Be it saree, gowns or western wear – pick the right hairstyle and you shall stand out from the crowd!


Best Hairstyles for College Function

College functions are the most awaited days of college life. Be it a fresher’s party, farewell or a regular function in the college – dressing up is fun! If you have been waiting for the celebration, finalizing the outfits and planning to look your glamorous best – your hairstyles shouldn’t be ignored either!

Here’s a list of some of the best hairstyles for Indian women who are attending college function.


The Ponytail

ponytail hairstyle for college fucntion

Yes, we know that a ponytail is way too common for your regular days. But ponytail is the simplistic way to add glamour to your Indian wear today. With popular celebrities regularly pairing ponytails with sarees and gowns – it is the detail that makes a difference. A carefully put together ponytail with the right makeup makes the perfect look!


Side Braids

side braids for college fucntion

If you want to keep it simple yet elegant – a side braid is a quick way to sum up the look. Side braids like a fish tail pony is perfect to add a chic touch while not letting your hair look boring. It gives a certain twist to your look and keeps your presence look both glamorous and stylish. These can be paired with sarees, suits and gowns alike.


Loose waves

loose waves for women

Nothing creates a powerful look more than carefully made loose waves. Like right out of a high school movie, the look is both chic and seductive. The sultry appearance with soft waves works both for short and long hair. It works well with dresses and Indian wears both. So, play with those loose waves and be at your glamorous best!


Messy Indian Bun

messy bun hairstyle for college function

You must have done this hairstyle as a practice at home. It’s time to adore this sultry look at your college! Messy bun is a big hit when trying to make a chic but elegant hairstyle. This gives you a classy look while making your face shape stand out. It’s time to rule like a princess with this hairstyle!


Half up half down puff

half up half down hairstyle

Puff helps give your hair a volume. This style brings out the best of short hairs by giving them the perfect volume and playful feel. The half up and half down makes your features stand out while making you look chic and attractive. This hairstyle for college function is just what you wanted!


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Straight and sleek

If you have curly or wavy hair – why not surprise everyone with some transformation. Just book with a nice salon and get your hair straightened for good. Just a sleek straight hair look to pair with your dress on the prom night – now that is what calls for all the attention!


Low Bun

low bun hairstyle for college function

Wearing something ethnic or classy? Your hairstyle should be classy too. Nothing brings out the features of the face as well as a carefully put together bun. Low buns with a partition in the middle make your hair look taken care of while bringing all the attention to your features. Pair with some simple accessories and you are bound to make heads turn.


Short Curls

Curls have a vibe of their own. This especially works when you are a straight hair person. Just give your hair a curly messy look and let the seductive appearance do the talking. This one brightens all the dresses that you plan to wear during your college functions.


Perky ponytail with messy bangs

Don’t want attention to your hairstyle? Just cut the effort off with perky high ponytails and some loose bangs falling on the face for a messy look. Let your dress and makeup do the talking while you are enjoying carelessly at the college function. As this one doesn’t even require re-checking with the mirror!


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Soft twists

Like a princess just out of a fairytale, this romantic and sultry hairstyle is bound to make you look like a Diva. This is a simple yet girl-next-door look that brings a soft romantic vibe to your appearance. So be it gowns, short dresses or just a summer outfit – you will look ravishing with this!


Side ponytail

Side ponytail can add a sassy touch and make your fancy look a more classy and chic one. With carefully tied hair that is scattered at sections, this hairstyle makes you adore your fresh take on looks while keeping it utterly simple. Works best for college functions especially for the fresher’s party or prom nights.


Kitty ear buns

Ditch the regular hairstyle and go a few levels up with this cute and sassy kitty ear buns. Two small buns right like a kitty brings beautiful take to hair while letting the rest flow freely. This is the perfect hairstyle to break the norms and create a statement.


Grecian hairstyle

If you are planning to flaunt a flowy gown to your college function – the Grecian hairstyle is the perfect one to pair with your look. Add a touch of headgear like a band and you can make your entire look chic and glamorous. This hairstyle can be worn in several ways with the help of an ideal headband that matches with your dress. Just go creative and adore the look.


Boho braids

boho braids for college function

Let your Bohemian vibe out during those celebrated days in college. Let your hair open with a few fish braids in the hair. The braids need to be made with less hair to keep them thin enough. Add some colorful hair strands too for the best effect. You can pair it with a colorful saree, a fancy gown or a simple dress. Simple, majestic and boho – the hairstyle does wonders to your look while giving your personality and edge.


Simple bun

bun hairstyle for women

From rose buns, serpentine buns to classy buns – there are several ways to attain a classy look. Buns make your entire outfit get a classy and royal touch. If you are up for some Indian wear with a desi vibe – these buns make the most to complete your look. Just pair a perfect earring and maybe a stick on bindi to get the perfect Indian look!


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Keeping it open, tying them in a bun or playing wild with its appearance – hairstyles make for a crown to your appearance! Try something chic and absolutely gorgeous to give your beauty an uplift and make a statement at the most important phase of your life. After all – when you look perfect everything shall look perfect!

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