35 Sensational Hairstylist Tattoos to Try in 2021

Hairstylist tattoos have become a sensational trend amongst people of all ages due to its unique and creative ways of expressing love for the profession with a mixture of vintage and modern art.

There are so many types of tattoos out there that can depict powerful messages in the form of a tribute to someone you admire or love, words or sayings that motivate you to work hard every day and live with a purpose or even to identify themselves with their respected professions such as a hairstylist, barber or musician etc.

hairstylist tattoos

These tattoos have always been in high demand not just by hairstylists to inspire themselves or to show everyone that this is their profession, but also by people who love getting tattoos on their body of all types.

They are super funky tattoos for hairstylists that show the tools and accessories of a hairstylist in many forms like abstract art, double meaning visualizations, words or phrases and even linking it with nature with roses, flowers, and petals behind them to make it look more attractive.


Popular Tattoo Ideas for Hairstylists

To find out what kinds of tattoos for hairstylists are out there in trends, we have gathered 35 worthies of looking pictures that one can select or get inspired from to get it inked on them or their friends.

1. Rose and Scissors

Hairstylist Tattoos

Do you have a favorite flower? Pick one to colorfully tattoo on your hand and pair it with an edgy set of scissors.


2. Butterfly

Tattoos for Hairstylists

Butterflies are always a popular choice for a tattoo. They’re colorful, come in every size, and look great on skin no matter where you have it placed.


3. Words on Knuckles

Hairstylist Tattoos on Finger

The knuckles are a popular place to get not just small symbols tattooed, but also letters that spell out something meaningful. This one spells out Barb and Shop, perfect for the hairstylist!


4. “Love” Hair Tools

Use your most commonly used hair tools to spell out the word love on your forearm. From a comb, spray bottle, and clippers, to a shaving set and scissors – let them do the creativity for you.


5. Black and White Rose

Flower Tattoos for Hairstylist

Not one for color? A black and white rose is a great tattoo choice for both women and men hairstylists. Place a large one over the top of your hand so it’s always in view when cutting hair.


6. Inner Finger Tattoo

Tattoos on the inner fingers are subtle yet will definitely be noticeable by not just your clients, but yourself as you cut and style hair. Whether it’s words or symbols that are hair-themed, they’ll look great.


7. Hair Braid Tattoo

On the side of your arm or down your back, consider a small portrait of hands braiding long hair. It’s delicate, detailed, and adding color to the hair can even make it stand out more.


8. Realistic Hair Tools

Another way to tattoo your hair tools is with a super realistic image. This one is very 3D and involves lots of shadowing. Make it stand out by keeping the images large.


9. Tattoo for Female Hairstylist

Even hairstylists might want a cute feminine tattoo. This little silhouette of a girl with long pink hair holding a blow dryer and scissors is super adorable.


10. Hairstylist Quote

For your next tattoo, choose an inspiring quote that encompasses your creativity as a hairstylist. Accenting it with a pair of gold scissors and a bit of nature will make it quite the piece.


11. The Trail of Scissors

hairstylist tattoos

This tattoo is perfect for hairstylists that want tattooing on their long beautiful legs. The picture above shows a trail of different types of scissors that hairstylists use for cutting and styling the hair which seems like a rope hanging from the thighs towards the foot of the person.

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12. The Customer’s Demand

popular tattoos for hairstylist

This amazing hairstylist tattoo is perfect for a nice tribute to your favorite hairstylist that depicts a strong demand to just do it! The tattoo shows a guy sitting with his hair nicely cut into a tapered undercut with the caption “Taper it” just below it.


13. Scissors N’ Roses

hairstylist tattoo with scissor and roses

Hairstylists who love red roses should go for this hairstylist’s tattoo. The picture shows a nice pair of scissors in between two red roses that identify the person with this tattoo as a hairstylist with some pearl-like chains dangling from the roses.


14. Foot Tattoo

hairstylist tattoo on foot

Having tattoos anywhere around your body has become something very common amongst tattoo enthusiasts. Hairstylists who like to see some art on their feet can get a tattoo like the one shown in the picture above that has a pair of scissors and a comb crossed with flowers blooming from behind.


15. Hairstylist Girl

tattoo for girl hairstylist

Getting a tattoo on the backside of the upper arm is also a good idea for a hairdresser’s tattoo. This tattoo has a stylish hairstylist shown with the tools that they use for styling with flowers and leaves inked around it to make it look more colorful.


16. One Word Definition

People who would like to define themselves or their profession with one word can go for this type of tattoo for hairstylist. The picture above shows the word surrounded by flowers and a huge pair of scissors that is covered with traced dots to give a nice finish to the look.


17. The Hairstylist’s Tools

This tattoo is for people who like most of their body part covered into tattoos. For a hairstylist that loves inking their skin can get this one done as it has all the necessary tools that a hairstylist would need to cut and style the hair.


18. Catchy Phrase

Hairstylists who love living in deep thoughts and are fans of meaningful quotes can get this tattoo on them. The famous saying “Love is in the air” is written as “Love is in the hair”  in a nice calligraphic art with a blow-dryer on one side and a pair of scissors on the other side showing the love the person has for hair.


19. Rib Cage Inking

Rib Cage Tattoo idea for Hairdressers

Getting a tattoo on the rib cage is something one should go for once in their lifetime. Although it might seem hell ticklish to get one in this area, it looks super amazing once it gets inked on your body. The tattoo says “Passion” which defines the love the person has for their profession and clearly states that it is their passion to do this job.


20. Mini Wrist Tattoo

hairstylist tattoo ideas

This place on the body is the most common one to get a hairstylist’s tattoos and also the most visible part by the person who has it and the others who can see it. To show people what your profession is, get a tattoo like this one that has a pair of hair scissors with some curved lines.


21. Motivational Quotes

hairstylist tattoo with quotes

Getting a tattoo for hairstyler at the back of the shoulders is also a nice option to go for if one likes to wear backless tops. This is also a way of showing the love and motivation that you have in you for your profession.


22. Favorite Hairstyling Tool

Tattoos with Hairstyling Tool

Most of the hairstylists have one favorite tool that they love using while performing the services. If you like a blow-dryer or a comb, then you can get it inked anywhere on your body to remind yourself how much you love it.


23. Fierce Tattoo

Stylists, who love showing themselves as fierce or wild personalities can for sure get this hairstylist tattoo inked on them. It has a sharp pair of shears cutting right through the heart with wings of an angel on the sides.


24. The Lady with The Skills

tattoos for hairstylist

This hairstylist shown in the tattoo is actually a pin-up lady that makes tattoos on people but is shown in the form of a hairstylist. This hairdresser tattoo shows a strong independent lady that has a blow-dryer held in her hand like it’s her weapon to empowerment and a pair of scissors that is tucked on the left side of her leg.


25. Finger Tattoo

hairstylist tattoo on finger

Hairstylists that don’t like much happening on their skin can go for finger hairstylist tattoos in between the fingers. It looks super cute and tiny and will always remind you of your job whenever you look at your hands.


26. Matching Finger Tattoos

finger tattoos for hairstylist

To show people you’ve got strong muscles, you can go for finger tattoos that say “Hair” and “Boss” meaning that you are a pro at styling hair.


27. Shoulder Tattoo

This colorful tattoo shows a hairspray product with red roses and leaves growing behind it. This hairstylist tattoo depicts ones favorite chemical product that is used to settle the hair in place.


28. Side-Leg Tattoo

Side-Leg Tattoo for Hairstylist

Getting creative with the location of tattoos is the best part when it comes to inking over the body. Having one on the side-part of the leg seems very attractive and arty too.


29. The Art Happening at The Back

Hairstylists that like much happening at the back can go for this tattoo. It almost covers the ¾ part of the back which shows the hairstylist’s tools with some steel-rod like twisted lines.


30. The Hairstylist’s Tool

hairstylist tattoos with tools

Those fancy animal print chairs that one sees when they enter the salon gives just the right amounts of stress release and motivation get a nice hair-do did by the hairdresser. To motivate the customers, hairstylists can get the chair inked on them to keep the customers distracted while giving them a haircut.


31. Black Widow’s Style

Black Widow’s Style Hairdresser Tattoo

Hairstylists that are fans of gothic culture can get a nice hairstylist’s tattoo with a black widow hanging from a comb with its web everywhere. To neutralize the tattoo, stars can be added to make it look a little colorful.


32. Tools in Flames

Smoke flames with the tools needed by a hairstylist are the perfect combination to go for when getting inked.


33. Artistic Visualization

This 3-in-1 tattoo shows a pair of scissors, a lady’s body, and a person’s face in one form. One should get this if they are fans of skull-art.


34. The Pretty Hairstylist in Town

best hairstylist tattoos

This is one of the prettiest hairstylist tattoos which shows a gorgeous hairstylist applying lipstick and combing her hair with her body completely tattooed.


35. Fingers Like Scissors

Fingers Like Scissors Hairstylist tattoos

Using a pair of scissors for cutting the hair and having a tattoo on the hand that moves like a scissor sounds and looks very cool for a hairstylist. The picture shows a pair of scissors on the hairstylist’s hand that has the ends on each finger, so that when the fingers open it would seem like they’re real.

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With all the above list of hairstylist tattoos that we have provided in this article today, one can now choose their favorite tattoos ranging from the hairstylist’s accessories to catchy phrases, quotes and even words with hairdresser related art and even the areas that one would like to get inked at, especially if they’re hairstylists or fans of hairstylist’s themselves.

Try them out and show the love that you have for your hairstylists a tribute or gift to them next time when you visit the salon.

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