110 Kicky High & Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Guys

#11: Wavy Low Fade

afro men fade taper

Just like the previous haircut, this haircut also emphasizes on your front side. The sides are not shaved and the volume of the back hair is not muddled as well. The hair from forehead area and the back of the neck are trimmed to give a neat look.


#12: Backwash Fade

taper fade haircut picture

This one is another tricky fade haircut for black men with various waves. The haircut can be the best substitute to a complete bald. This haircut gives you a tough but a trend-setting look.


#13: Round Fade Hairstyle


This stylish haircut is especially for teens as it gives a soft look. The hair is trimmed in almost equal proportion from the top head to the neck. You can pair your haircut with a well-trimmed beard for a classy look.


#14: Taper Fade with Ocean Waves


Ocean waves have been popular for almost a century and they are becoming more and more stylish. Hair length for this hairstyle must be quite short. Hair gel is applied and the waves are made with a special comb. The result is fantastic!


#15: Edgy Fade Haircut With Beard

taper fade haircut styles for men

This black men haircut is equally suitable for the formal and informal looks. The side hair is shaved to make them fade at the temples. The beard and mustache are well-trimmed giving a look classy enough for the office.


#16: High Fade With Shaved Edges


Here comes another combination of fade with the beard but the thing that is complementing this haircut is the shaved edges. The crown area hair have natural curls enhancing the look and boosting volume.


#17: Trimmed Low Fade


This haircut takes in neatly trimmed middle hair and the tapered side hair. The fades start from the temples and end before the ear. The beard is well-trimmed making a perfect combination to this haircut.


#18: Flower-Patterned Fade

low taper fade haircut you look beautiful

This fade hairstyle requires skillful work. A flower-patterned razor-work is designed on low fade haircut. No doubt, this haircut can give your personality a boost and make you stand out from the crowd.


#19: Afro Low Fade


This African style low fade with high top let the naturally curly hair show off its texture. This black men hairstyle gives a cool look to your face and personality, and it’s equally suitable for teens and older.


#20: Bald Fade Cut

 best taper fade haircuts

A bald fade is much better than the typical bald and it looks more appealing if combined with a well-trimmed beard. A decently managed quality fade haircut will certainly add style points to your personality.