110 Kicky High & Low Taper Fade Haircuts for Black Guys

#31: Neat Taper Fade

brad pitt taper fade hairstyle

This neat taper fade haircut can also be considered classical. The top hair is trimmed very short, which allows you to avoid any maintenance. This haircut will look great when you just get out of bed or right after you wash it. A great choice!


#32: Spiky Taper Fade

spiky taper fade cut

A spiky taper fade will look great on afro black men with hair, which is hard to manage. Cut the hair as short as possible on top, while maintaining a fade on the sides. Leave enough hair to create a high spike. If you get tired of the spike, the style will be easily turned back into a regular taper fade.


#33: High Taper Fade Hairstyle

taper fade haircut for men 2-min

This is a variation of the classical taper fade. Leaving the hair a little longer is a great idea for men with square or round face shape. Volume on top will visually elongate the face, while keeping the taper fade hairstyle intact.


#34: Creative Taper Fade

taper fade haircut for men 4-min

Tired of the classics? Turn your taper fade into a real masterpiece. This creative hairstyle is hard to make at home, but any professional stylist will be able to assist you. This style is easy to manage and makes a great impression.


#35: Taper Fade Art

taper fade designs

Whenever there is shaving, there is always room for art. Since shaving of the sides is often a compulsory part of a taper fade hairstyle, some art can be in order. Get creative lines or geometrical shapes to make a special statement.


#36: A Very Short Taper Fade Style

taper fade afro for black men

If you really want to forget about hair brushes, go for short taper fade. It is achieved by shaving off most of the hair, while leaving about a quarter of an inch on top. When the hair grows out a bit, it has all the chances to turn into a classical taper fade.


#37: Military Taper Fade Hairstyle

faux hawk taper fade

This hairstyle can easily be called military due to its minimalist qualities. Most of the hair is shaved off, while just a tiny bit is left on top. The military taper fade is neatly shaped up to make an impression of a taper fade.


#38: Outrageous Taper Fade

taper fade haircut for men 12-min

This taper fade is really quite outrageous. Mohawks are always a bold way to go. So, if you are ready for a change, take a chance on this style. If you don’t like the result, turning it into a military taper fade will take several minutes.


#39: Highlights

taper fade haircut for men 15-min

Highlights are always a great idea, which helps you diversify any hairstyle. Choose the colors you like best and go for it. They can range from soft blond to outrageous pink. Give some of them a try and you won’t regret it!


#40: Accessorize

high taper fade hairstyle for young boys

Tired of the boring taper fade, but not ready for experiments? Choose some accessories to diversify your look. Earings are a great start.