85 Hipster Haircuts for Guys to Make a Killer First Impression

#46: Tousled Man Bun

Hipster Haircuts for Men 46-min

Sweep your hair back with your hands and pull it into a man bun at the back. Pulling your hair back with your fingers will give it a touchable tousled look whilst it sits in its bun.


#47: Half up, Half Down

hipster with long ponytail hair

Draw the top layer of your hair up into a man ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Leave the rest of your hair freely flowing. This is a great way to keep sections of your hair out of your eyes.


#48: Men’s Bob Cut

Hipster Haircuts for Men 48-min

Bob’s aren’t just for the girls. Straighten your hair after drying it to create a perfect chin-length bob.


#49: Slicked Back Hair with Full Beard

 Back Hair with Full Beard hair

Team up slicked back hair with a full bushy beard for a look which is both well-kept and rugged. This look works well when you are out and about, as well as when you are at work. Try these slicked back hipster haircuts.


#50: Slicked Back Fauxhawk

Hipster Haircuts for Men 50-min
Leave your hair to grow longer and pull handfuls of your hair up from the side into the middle of your head. Use holding gel to pull your hair backwards into a slicked back fauxhawk.


hipster hairstyle for men





guy with hipster hair






hipster guy with long hair






hipster haircut for boys





best hipster hairstyles for men






hipster guy with blue hair






messy man bun for hipster guys







hipster hairstyles for men


Although you can get your hair stylist to give you a hipster haircut, most hipster hairstyles are designed to be easy to maintain and you should be able to manage them yourself. You will soon realize that you can find inspiration for your next hipster hairstyles from hundreds of different places, including the pages of the history books.

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