85 Hipster Haircuts for Guys to Make a Killer First Impression

#11: Long Tousled Hair

Hipster Haircuts for Men 11-min

Give your long hair a touchable tousled look by combing upwards from the roots. If you want a fluffier look, make sure that you only use a small amount of styling gel.


#12: Square Fringe

Hipster Haircuts for Men 12-min
If you have a natural side parting, frame your face by styling your hair into a square fringe. This style also works well if you have a natural double crown.


#13: Short Back and Sides with Quiff

Hipster Haircuts for Men 13-min

Keep your hair very short at the back and sides. Gradually cut your hair longer and longer the further forward that you go. Use a tooth comb to style to longest front sections into a perfect quiff.


#14: Long Tousled Spikes with Mid-Short Sides

black Hipster Hair

Leave the hair in the center of your head quite long, but cut the sides much shorter. Create a tousled hipster hairstyle by running your fingers through it from one side to the other.


#15: Volume from the Crown

Hipster Haircuts for Men 15-min
Give your hair texture and volume by working from the crown of your hair. Brush the lower layers of your hair down, but rough up the top layers closest to your crown.

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