85 Hipster Haircuts for Guys to Make a Killer First Impression

#21: Manicured Mohawk

hipster men hairstyle you like

This hipster style mixes the rebelliousness of a mohawk with careful styling of a business cut. Mixing two styles together is a prominent feature of hipster haircuts, and this style does it perfectly.


#22: Full Thickness

hipster mens hairstyle

If you have naturally thick, luscious hair, you can keep it at a full thickness across your whole hairline. With hair like this, people will just want to run their fingers through it!


#23: Buzzcut with Short Beard

Hipster Haircuts for Men 23-min

Create an alluring and rugged look by cutting your hair to a uniform length across your head. Make sure that your beard is the same length as your buzzcut.


#24: Forward Facing Fringe

Hipster Haircuts for Men 24-min

Comb your hair forwards so that your fringe is overhanging your forehead. You might need to use a little soft-set styling gel to hold your fringe up, whilst still leaving it looking touchable.


#25: Extreme Top Knot

Hipster Haircuts for Men 25-min

This is a hipster hairstyle for guys who want to make a real fashion statement. Unless you already have long hair, you may need your stylist to put in hair extensions if you want to achieve a top knot which is this big.

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