40 Hottest Beard Styles for Black Guys You Can’t Miss

6. Carved beard style

Carved beard style

A sensational beard style particularly admired among the young black males. It is a short beard with perfectly shaped contours. Cheeks and neck are neatly shaved with thin mustaches adding glamor to the overall facial features.


7. Anchor beard or Balbo

Anchor beard or Balbo

This beard style for black men is a beautiful combo of goatee and mustaches. Mustaches are heavy, and both mustaches and goatee are allowed to take an inverted tree form. It’s a very popular beard style among many black Hollywood actors.


8. The Nicholas II beard

black men Nicholas II beard

This is a popular 20th-century fashion beard style for black men. This is a long beard accompanied by long and dense mustaches. Beard is pear shaped down the end. The image shows a black gentleman wearing the Nicholas with elegance and grace.

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9. Chin curtain beard

cool Chin curtain beard for men

As clear by the name this beard style is achieved through careful trimming. The cheeks and jaws are clean shaved with a dense thin layer that is allowed to grow from sideburns to the chin. This is a much-admired beard style, particularly to the black youth.


10. Mutton chops

Mutton chops with beard

This is a classic and unique beard style that is equally popular among all men around the globe. This beard style has been altered a little since its introduction and looks particularly gorgeous on black men. You need to shave you chin and mustaches allowing the hair to grow densely from sideburns to the cheek and down to the jaws.