40 Hottest Beard Styles for Black Guys You Can’t Miss

11. Friendly Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops

This is more of an urban beard style for black men and is a slight modification of classic mutton chops. A thin mustache is grown with mutton chop beard, and the beard is trimmed to attain a medium and elegant length.


12. The circle beard

circle beard for men

This black men beard style is all about keeping the facial hair natural yet organised in a fine manner. This is a very popular beard style for black men due to the ease of maintaining it. It does not require sharp trimming but gives your face a mature and shrewd look.


13. Duck tail Beard

men favorite duck tail beard style

A very up to date beard style and greatly acknowledged by black men. Beard at the chin is allowed to attain a specific length in a duck tail shape. Mustaches give an elegant touch to this black men beard style.


14. Garibaldi Beard

 favorite Garibaldi Beard for black men

This famous beard style is back, and this time it’s being embraced by the handsome black men more proficiently. A long beard with a U shape extending down the chin, giving the face a very natural look and grants a high esteem to your personality.

Taper Fade + Beard Styles

15. Verdi beard

favorite Verdi beard style

Named after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this is very elegant beard style for black men. This beard is amazing and fresh in look and falls in the medium beard category. The mustaches are entirely separated from the beard but neatly and stylishly maintained to give an enthralling look at the overall facial features.