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How Long Do Hair Relaxers Last?

Hair relaxer is a great product to make curly hair straight and more manageable. As tempting as it may sound, you might be wondering, how long do hair relaxers last?

It varies depending on your hair type, level of maintenance, and whether it is done professionally or at home.

What Is a Hair Relaxer?

Hair relaxer is a cream or lotion applied to naturally curly hair that makes it easier to straighten. Relaxing is a relatively easy process, and you can even get kits to complete it at home.

However, you should have a professional treatment for your hair. The process can damage your hair or scalp when done incorrectly.

There are three types of hair relaxers. You can read about the different types of hair relaxers to know more.

What Does Relaxer Do To Hair?

What Does Relaxer Do To Hair

Hair relaxer changes hair chemically by penetrating the strand to change it at a molecular level. Relaxer straightens hair for longer than other straightening methods.

It can help reduce frizz and lay straighter.

How Long Does a Relaxer Typically Last?

Hair relaxer typically lasts anywhere from six to twelve weeks. The length of time the relaxer works will depend on your hair type and whether you did it at home or got it done professionally.

Relaxing your hair at home typically does not last as long as it would if done professionally.

How Long Do Relaxers Last on Colored Hair?

Relaxers will last about the same time on colored hair as on uncolored. However, the color may fade when you retouch it. You should wait two to three weeks between relaxing and coloring your hair.

Both processes can leave your hair dry and brittle, so it is best to give it some recovery time. Specific relaxers are designed for use on colored hair.

How Long Will a Relaxer Last on 4c Hair?

Hair relaxers will last about six to eight weeks on 4c hair. As with other hair types, it will last longer when done by a professional and maintained.

What Will Happen if You Stop Relaxing Your Hair?

What Will Happen if You Stop Relaxing Hair

When you stop relaxing your hair, the new growth will slowly take over, and your hair will return to its natural state. Stopping the repeated use of relaxers may show some positive effects.

Your hair and scalp may be less irritated and itchy. New hair growth may also be stronger and healthier.


So, how long do hair relaxers last? Hair relaxers can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks, depending on your hair type.

To maintain healthy hair after using relaxers, wash as needed, do not skip conditioning, use oils to maintain moisture, and retouch as needed.

FAQs About Using Hair Relaxers

How often do I need to touch up my relaxed hair?

Relaxed hair needs to be retouched anywhere between six and twelve weeks. Determining the need for retouching may depend on your hair type and growth rate. When it grows out, it may cause breakage along the line of new growth and relaxed hair.

Will relaxers cause damage to my hair?

Hair relaxer is a chemical that breaks down and changes your hair, and it can cause damage to your hair and scalp. It may cause scalp irritation, itchiness, and dandruff. Relaxers can leave hair weak and brittle after treatments.

How long should I wait to wash hair after using a relaxer?

You can wash your hair three or four days after using a hair relaxer. However, you may want to wait seven to ten days for the best results.

Is relaxed hair high-maintenance?

Relaxed hair takes the same or a little more care than natural hair. Keep a regular hair care routine of applying oil, washing, and conditioning to maintain your hair after using a relaxer.

How often should I oil my relaxed hair?

Lightweight oil is essential for strong and healthy hair. Of course, everyone’s hair needs are different, but you may need to oil it one to two times a week to maintain it.