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How Long Will It Take for Keratin Treatment to Work?

Keratin treatment sips into the hair to temporarily alter its texture, making it straight and smooth. It is a multi-step hair treatment procedure to enhance keratin protein penetration at each step.

How Long Will It Take for Keratin Treatment to Work?

A keratin treatment starts to work immediately after it has been applied. The keratin protein is activated through a thermal process by blow-drying and then flat-ironing at high temperatures to seal it in.

The treatment continues to set for the next 24-72 hours following the actual treatment. The treatment can take up to 14 days to fully integrate into your hair strands.

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

How Does a Keratin Treatment Work?

Keratin treatment has two main components— a shape medium and a smooth medium/smooth intense. The shape medium eliminates frizz, while the smooth intense, or smooth medium straightens your hair. The smooth intense treatment straightens the hair completely, while the smooth medium leaves the hair slightly wavy.

Typically, a keratin treatment takes two to five hours, depending on your hair texture and volume. It will take longer if you have thick or extremely curly hair.

The treatment procedure starts with cleaning the hair to remove any dirt, oil, or hair product residue that may hinder the keratin from penetrating your hair. The hair is then blow-dried to remove excess moisture.

The stylist proceeds to parts your hair into sections and generously applies the keratin treatment mixture. The treatment is left to sit on the hair for 15 minutes. They once again blow-dry the hair to dry the keratin mixture, after which the hair stylist comes in with a flat iron at 450°F. The high flat iron temperature activates the keratin protein and seals it into the hair.

After flat ironing, the hair is shampooed and blow-dried one more time. It should be straight or slightly wavy by the end of this process, depending on whether you choose a smooth intense, or smooth medium component.

Although the major part of the treatment process is done at this point, the keratin protein continues to set into the hair for the next 72 hours. If you use an advanced keratin treatment formula, it integrates completely within 24 hours. Therefore, proper aftercare of the hair following the treatment is crucial to optimize the results.

What Can Cause Your Keratin Treatment Not Work?

A keratin treatment may fail to work for various reasons, including:

If It Is Not Properly Applied

As discussed above, the keratin treatment procedure follows very specific steps. If those steps are not adhered to or if the right products are not used, the treatment is unlikely to work. For instance, if the hair is not washed before the treatment is applied or if the flat iron is not heated to the recommended temperature range, the treatment will not work.

If You Do Not Observe Proper Aftercare

aftercare for keraten treated hair to make it work
Wide-Toothed Comb for Keratin-Treated Hair

It is recommended to keep the hair dry in the first 72 hours to prevent it from becoming frizzy, including avoiding activities that cause sweating. If by any chance the hair gets wet, blow dry it immediately.

You should also minimize hair manipulation through styling or tying the hair, as it is quite malleable and tends to retain curls. Also, do not brush or comb it aggressively, as it is prone to falling.

If you must comb freshly treated hair, use a wide-toothed comb. It is also advisable to hold off washing your hair for the next two weeks as doing so may wash off keratin from the hair.

If Your Hair Texture Is Too Coarse or Too Light

You should use an advanced keratin treatment formula if your hair is extremely coarse or curly. Conversely, if your hair is light and you use an advanced formula, the keratin treatment may result in damage and hair loss.

So, When Does Keratin Treatment Starts to Work?

A keratin treatment starts to work immediately after it has been applied. It sets in, seals, and continues to incorporate throughout the actual application process and up to 72 hours later. Even after 72 hours, you should care for the hair properly to optimize the results.

If incorporated well, a keratin treatment can last for two to three months, depending on your hair texture and how well you take care of it.

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