How Long Does Your Hair Need to Be For Donation?

Donating your hair is a wonderful way to help others. Your hair will be used to make wigs for people, who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other treatments or diseases. It’s especially rewarding to donate hair to children.

If you are planning to cut your hair anyway, doing one small step to donate it can make someone happy. Each organization that accepts hair donation has different guidelines for the length and quality of the hair you can send. Some don’t accept dyed hair while others won’t take permed locks. Meanwhile, some organizations are ready to take anything you have to offer as long as it’s real and healthy hair.

Can You Donate Color-Treated Hair?


How Long Your Hair Should Be For Donation

Make a tight ponytail and measure its length. In most cases, your hair has to be at least 8 inches long to be accepted for donation. Carefully, read the guidelines before cutting your hair and sending it to the charity. Some require at least 10-12 inches or even longer.


The Quality of Hair For Donation

You can’t donate your locks if:

  • Your hair has been bleached
  • You swept it off the floor
  • You cut it a long time ago and didn’t store it as a braid or ponytail
  • You have dreadlocks
  • Your hair is dirty. Always shampoo before cutting or donating.

If you are not sure, you can cut your hair in the right way in order to preserve the length, visit a hairstylist. The longer your hair is, the more opportunity it offers for creating wigs.

If you decide to donate your hair and can’t follow the guidelines, wait for it to grow out. A couple of months can make a difference to someone, who dreams of having real hair.


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