4 Tips to Make Your Beard Thicker & Darker

When you first decided to grow a beard, what did you imagine? Did you picture a beard so lush that your friends were green with envy?

Sadly, this didn’t come to be and what you really have is a thin, possible not existent clump of facial hair that really should be shaved off. However, all hope is not lost! There are many things you can do to help your beard be the things dreams are made of, at least to you. So, how can you grow a thicker beard? Let’s dive deep.


Tips to Grow A Thicker Beard

Continue reading to learn how to make your beard thicker and darker.

Be Patient and Consistent

tips to get thick beard

Many men have tried to grow their beard out and ended up looking like a rat’s nest. Don’t feel bad because many of us have had our toes on that line. Thick, lush beards don’t grow overnight. It can take months or years for a beard to grow. In fact, the longer you allow your beard to grow, the thicker it will become.

Try these stubble beards if you have a thin beard


Take Proper Care of Skin and Health

skin care to get a thick and dark beard

Of course, there’s more to grow out your beard than just killing time. You’ll need to keep your skin clean and smooth. If you neglect the health of your skin, you won’t be able to grow a healthy, thick beard. Beards can work wonders, but they also require a bit of maintenance. Oil, dirt, and dandruff can get trapped in beards over time, which means you’ll need to use a beard wash. Long story short, routinely cleaning your face is essential in helping people grow out a fuller and thicker beard.


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Eat a Healthy Diet

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If you think pizza and fries only expand your waist, you’re in for a surprise. If you want your beard to demand attention, you need to watch what you are eating. A diet high in fat will not help you reach your beard goals; in fact, it might actually hinder growth entirely. Make sure you’re getting the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables. In addition, cut out trans fat, processed food and sadly, a lot of boozy brunches. Finally, make sure you’re drinking enough water daily to keep you hydrated.


Reduce Stress Levels

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Being stressed out not only wreaks havoc on your brain but your beard as well. Stress increases the production of cortisol in your body, which can have a negative impact on your testosterone growth. In addition, stress is able to constrict blood vessels, which makes it a lot harder for any nutrients within the blood to reach the hair follicles.

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Furthermore, if you’re trying to grow a thick beard, stress also negatively affects your sleeping pattern. In fact, not getting enough restorative sleep can greatly affect your beard, making it extremely difficult to grow one at all. Meditation is a surefire way to reduce stress, so take a seat, cross your legs and let that stress melt away. The life of your thick beard depends on it!

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