How to Make Men’s Hair Curly- 5 Ways to Hop on the Trend

Why don’t more guys curl their hair? Men with naturally curly hair are a mixed bag—some view it as a blessing, others a curse. Hopefully, they start to show some love to their hair, though, because curls are the next significant trend in men’s hair. Learning how to make men’s hair curly when it’s naturally straight is surprisingly easy—and it’s painless, bros. You can even curl your hair in secret if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing.


Learn How to Make Men’s Hair Curly

Fellows who are dying to figure out how to curl men’s hair will be happy to know that the methods are no different than those used by women to create spirals and coils. You’ll also be delighted to know that there are numerous methods you can try. You might have to experiment a bit. Everyone’s hair curls differently. Don’t be discouraged if you wind up with tighter curls than you expected the first time you attempt to add wave and body. Follow along with the tutorials below, and you shouldn’t have a problem, though.


#1: Twist Out

It’s astoundingly easy to learn how to make men’s hair curly without using any heat at all. The Rhodes Bros detail a twist out method that’s practically foolproof. Speaking from experience, just be careful that you don’t twist too tightly. Practice with a single twist first, so that you can see how your hair intends to behave.

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#2: All Fingers

James Welsh is a genius. He creates a head full of natural-looking, waving curls using only a few products, a hairdryer, and his fingers. Who knew you could sculpt waves and spirals using nothing more than those items? Talk about Macguyvering a hairstyle, huh?


#3: The Perm Solution

Let me be real: hardly anyone asks for perms anymore, except my grandma—and this guy. That being said, honestly, it’s an efficient way to achieve semi-permanently curled hair. A perm—short for permanent, go figure—doesn’t last forever, but you’ll have body and volume for at least a few months.


#4: Bring the Heat

Face it—heat tools represent the easiest, fastest way to make men’s hair curly. Thank goodness for Thomas in Action, one of the few beauty guru guys on YouTube who’s willing to pick up a curling iron rather than endlessly twisting his hair. What’s up with the aversion to curling irons and straighteners, dudes? They’re just efficient.


#5: Pencil It In

In praise of Thomas in Action’s adventurous spirit, here he is again showing guys how to curl their hair … with a pencil. This is a tedious method but, I have to admit, he ends up with sick curls. You’re going to want to sculpt and shape them a bit more than this, however. A little blending won’t hurt, either.

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Do you know to make men’s hair curly using any other methods? We’re dying to know!

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