4 Ways to Make Wavy Hair Curly At Home

Nature didn’t give every girl beautiful curls. Some girls have to live with straight locks while others are dealing with sometimes annoying waves that seem to be something “in between”. Thankfully, stylists all over the world have been studying the subject of how to make wavy hair curly and came up with some amazing methods. More than that, there are plenty of ways to turn your waves into beautiful curls in the comfort of your own home.

Before going ahead and making curly hair, you have to consider a few things such as your facial features. If your facial features are large small curls just won’t look acceptable. Meanwhile, small facial features warrant large curls. Also, think about hair texture. Thick and heavy hair is almost impossible to turn into tiny coils. Even if you manage to do it, they won’t stay intact long.


1. Mousse Is The Easiest Way To Go

One of the most popular ways that can turn your wavy locks curly is mousse.

  • Dampen your hair (either wash it or run wet fingers through it).
  • Bend your head and start squeezing and scrunching strands up and down.
  • Make sure you don’t touch them with a comb afterward!
  • Leave them to dry. Don’t use the hairdryer.
  • If you have bangs, don’t straighten it. Wavy bangs will look good with curly locks.


2. Small Pins Can Help Make Your Wish Come True

Using small pins can help you make an exclusive hairstyle.

  • Dampen your hair and divide it into 10 strands.
  • Take each strand at the root (nearest part to your head) and start twisting it clockwise into a cord-like structure.
  • Use a small pin to clip the cord to the base of your hair.
  • Repeat the same with the rest of the strands.
  • Allow the hair to dry and remove the pins.
  • Untwist the strands. Don’t comb!
  • Use hair spray.


3. Tiny Braids Are The Way To Go!

  • Tiny braids are a super express way to get curls from wavy locks without any hassle.
  • Dampen your hair and divide it into as many strands as the patience allows you.
  • Braid each strand into a simple French braid as tight as possible.
  • Go to sleep.
  • Unbraid the hair in the morning. Don’t brush!
  • Use some hair spray for a better appearance.
  • The more braids you make, the smaller coils you get.


4. Twisty Buns Are The Fastest Method

This method is similar to the braiding method. The only difference is that you make twisted buns instead of braids.

  1. Dampen your hair and divide it into 6 strands.
  2. Put each strand up as high as possible and create two ponytails.
  3. Twist each ponytail into a tight bun and secure with a rubber band.
  4. Repeat the process for each strand.
  5. Go to bed.
  6. Undo the buns in the morning. Don’t brush!
  7. Scrunch the hair lightly and use a bit of hairspray.

Twisted Hairstyles

We hope we taught you how to make your wavy hair curly in a flash. You can choose your favorite method and use it any day of the week. All of them are heat-free and safe for your hair.