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4 Chic Ways to Style Your Highlighted Layered Hair

If you’ve ever felt bored with your hair, maybe it’s all one color and lacking dimension. Or you feel it’s hard to get movement or volume with your current haircut. You may feel it’s time to add some highlights and layers to your hair. Well, we couldn’t think of a better thing to do! In this article, we’ll discuss how you can style highlighted layered hair.

The great thing about highlights and layers is that they can work on most hair types, colors, and textures. You can customize highlights and layers to work for your specific hair.

You can get short layers, long layers, face-framing layers, and blonde, copper, or caramel highlights. The highlighted layered hairstyle options are endless!

How to Style Highlighted Layered Hair

Now that you’ve gone to your stylist and gotten the perfect highlighted and layered hairstyle, you may wonder what your options are for styling your new hair at home.

We will go over four easy ways to style your highlighted, layered hair at home so you leave the house with gorgeous hair everyday!


how to style layered straight hair with highlights

Sleek and smooth is a classic way to wear your layered, highlighted hair. Styling your hair smooth is a great way to show off the gorgeous details of your new haircut and color.

Start off by using a heat protectant on wet hair and then sectioning your layered locks into four quadrants. Move through the quadrants back to front, using a round brush to smooth out each section. 

Using a round brush will not only help smooth the hair but also give your layers definition and shine.

After blow drying, you can touch up any spots that need extra smoothing with a flat iron for a perfect style that will last all day. 

You can play around with your face-framing layers by using the round brush or curling iron to swoop the front of your hair back, giving it a retro 70s vibe, or you can curve the front of the hair in towards your face, giving it that cool 90s aesthetic that everyone is loving. 


styling layered wavy hair with highlights

If you ever had one-length hair sans layers, you’ll know the struggle of trying to get a true beachy wave style. Adding highlights and layers to the hair will help you get the desired waves with minimal effort.

Highlights give you a sunkissed dimension that waves help to accentuate, and layers will give you volume and add the perfect amount of piece-yness to your waves.

To style your hair wavy, first blow dry your hair smoothly using a paddle brush and heat protectant.

After your hair is dry, use a 1-inch curling iron to curl 1-inch pieces of hair. The key to getting a lived-in beach wave is to curl some pieces of hair towards your face and some pieces away from your face. 

Another tip for looking like you’ve spent the day at the shore is to leave the ends of your hair straight. Only curl about three-quarters of the way down the hair for a perfectly undone wave. Finish with a texturizing or sea salt spray


how to style curly layered hair with highlights

If you’re a curly-haired girl wondering if highlights and layers are right for you. We couldn’t think of a better way to show off those curls! Adding layers or highlights to your hair does not mean you have to start straightening your hair or rocking a beach wave.

Highlights can really help to showcase the beauty of your natural, curly texture, and layers can help give your curls the lift and volume you’ve always wanted, 

To style your curly hair, you need a little bit of patience, but it will pay off once you’re able to wear this style for several days without washing.

Start off with wet hair and apply a generous amount of curl cream.

Using your fingers, twist 1-inch pieces of hair around your finger to form ringlets. After you’ve done this all over your head, you can either air dry or use a diffuser to dry curls.

The key is not to touch the curls until they are 100% dry. Once they are dry, gently break them apart using your fingers and use a little finishing spray to set! 

Curtain Bangs

style layered hair with highlights - curtain bangs

A question most of us ask ourselves every few months is, “Should I get bangs?” 

In the case of layered, highlighted hair, we say yes! Curtain bangs are the perfect complement to a layered, highlighted hairstyle.

Adding a curtain bang will make the haircut more exciting and complement your skin tone by framing your face with sunkissed highlights.  

When asking for a curtain bang at the salon, opt for a longer curtain bang. Having a longer bang will be easier to style and grow out if you decide to switch up your look in a few months.

To style curtain bangs at home, use a comb to dry bangs to each side and down in front. This should make the bangs fall perfectly to each side of your face.

After drying them with a comb, use a round brush to give the bangs some volume. Finish with hairspray to keep the bangs in place all day! 

Key Things to Remember:

  • Highlights and layers can work on almost any hair
  • Style smooth for a classic look
  • Style beach waves to show off the sunkissed highlights and layers
  • Curly-haired girls can rock highlights and layers too
  • If you’re feeling like even more of a change, add curtain bangs. They’re simple to style!