Top 5 Kimberly Michelle Hairstyles You’ll Love

Kimberly Michelle Pate has many creative sides: she is a singer, a television personality, a songwriter a guitarist and a pianist. That’s why K. Michelle’s hairstyles are something many girls admire and want to copy.

As it usually goes with music stars, K. Michelle’s fashion statements are being followed by her fans. She is trying very hard to work on her image and is creating nice and fashionable hairstyles for her fans to admire and enjoy. Kimberly likes experiments so she has tried everything from short to long and from straight to curly.

So, if you have a hair type similar to K. Michelle, you can start experimenting with new hairstyles right now.


Most Popular K. Michelle Hairstyles

Copying a celebrity’s hairstyle is always a good idea if you have a similar hair type. Celebrities spend all this time and money trying to create a new image for themselves. That’s why it usually turns out to be very impressive. More often than not fans don’t have the opportunity to spend money on various stylists. What they can do is take a look at what the celebrities have done and just copy those hairstyles.

We have collected 5 impressive K. Michelle hairstyles for you to copy and enjoy. Take a look!

1. Blue extravaganza

Long curly hair can’t surprise anyone anymore. But this Kimberly Michelle hairstyle can leave anyone breathless. Bright deep blue locks mixed with dark blue highlights will definitely help you make a statement.

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2. Glamorous bun with blunt bangs


If you want to make a great impression, go for this glamorous look. It is very easily achieved by lifting your hair as high as possible and creating a very tight and sleek bun. The bangs are straightened and arranged over your forehead.


3. Highlighted undercut

brown color hair for women

Not afraid of experiments? Indulge yourself with this two-colored undercut. Cut one side very short as you would for a pixie and leave the second side longer. Brush the long bangs to the longer side. Highlight the top part of your locks.


4. High Pixie


Not a fan of complicated hairstyles? Then this high pixie from K. Michelle is for you. Leave the sides very short so no curls are visible. Allow the hair on the top of your head to be about 5 inches long. Keep it high and neat with hair gel.


5. Elegant burgundy waves

The simple waves can turn into a complicated and effective hairstyle if you add some wild and rich colors. Burgundy, red, and cherry shades can truly make you shine.


We hope these K. Michelle hairstyles offered you some inspiration to get into that hairstylist chair. The alluring yet simplest haircuts can make you get an image change that is really worth your time. Don’t wait any longer. Go for it!

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