Kate Middleton Flaunts Her New Bob Hairstyle In style

A few days ago, the valley girls and fashionable divas cried foul, when they saw the Duchess at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony. The beautiful woman seemed to be wearing a bob. When did she get a haircut? Why didn’t anyone share the news on Twitter?


Long ‘Bob’ Got Renamed As ‘Kob’ With Kate Middleton

kate middleton new kob hairstyle

Last July the Duchess of Cambridge conquered the fashion world with her hairstyle. Even though Kim Kardashian sported it for some time already, the socialites seemed to forget about it and give a new style a new name. The elongated bob received a name “kob”, which was a combination of two words: “bob” and “Kate”.

Long Bobs with Side Bangs


Kate Middleton Sports A Short Bob to Everyone Surprise

kate middleton faux bob

Kate has been a public persona for many years. During that time, she has changed many hairstyles. But most of the time, her hair is just below the shoulder-length or longer. Kate has never cut her locks to create anything shorter. Did she change her approach?

We all know that pregnant women are prone to hormone splashes. Perhaps this is what made Catherine change her mind about the length of her hair?

The bob we saw under her wide-brimmed hat was a couple of inches above her shoulders. Did you know that some women are superstitious about their hair?

They’ll tell you that cutting your tresses during pregnancy is a bad idea and can lead to problems during birth. However, Kate doesn’t seem to be superstitious or does she?


Check This New Hairdo of Kate from Every Angle

Kate Middleton short bob

We took a very close look at the photos and found out that, thankfully, Kate’s hair is in place. The bob is fake! The duchesses’ long locks are tucked inside and under to create an appearance of a short bob. Obviously, Catherine has a grand stylist, who does the job well. We were definitively fooled.

Inverted Bob Hairstyles to Steal The Show


If you think about it, such hairstyle is a wonderful opportunity to check out how you will look with a short stacked bob. Catherine definitely looks very stylish no matter what she does to her hair.

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