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How to Keep Your Naturally Curly Hair Straight After Straightening

Straightening curly hair can be challenging and time-consuming. The worst part is when your curls start to come back after all that hard work you put in.

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing frizz starting only a couple of days after a lengthy straightening procedure.

Most of the time, this is related to poor post-straightening care. There are several steps and processes you can undertake to make sure your straightened hair lasts longer.

In this article, we will give you all the tips for how to keep curly hair straight after straightening.

Keep Curly Hair Straight Longer After Flat Ironing

The most common method for straightening hair is also the most temporary. If you straighten your hair with a flat iron, then you can expect straight hair for a maximum of three to four days.

However, with the proper caution and care, you can extend this time or make the most out of it.

Choose the Right Tool

Suppose you have a close personal relationship with your flat iron. You might want to rethink it. There’s no such thing as a universal flat iron, and your hair requires a specific type.

You’ll want to pay attention to its shape, the plate width, the temperature, and several other factors.

Don’t Break a Sweat

tips for keeping curly hair straight after flat ironing

Sweat is a straight hair killer. The moisture coming from your scalp will reinvigorate your curls faster. If you plan on doing many physical exercises, try to straighten your hair after you are completely dry. Otherwise, the sweat will ruin the straightness.

Beware the Weather

The weather has a massive impact on your hair’s frizziness. If you decide to straighten immediately after a rainstorm, you can guarantee that your curls will come creeping back sooner than expected. The best time to straighten your hair is in sunny and dry weather.

Don’t Go Too Hot

People love to skip to the hottest setting to speed up the straightening process. However, straightening at too high a temperature will only result in damaged and dry hair that will make your curls return even faster.

Instead, select a moderate temperature and use the flat iron’s manual for an exact number.

Products to Keep Out the Humidity

using products to keep hair humidity free

There are several products capable of keeping your hair dry and humidity-free. You can buy sprays, shampoos, and conditioners that fight frizz and keep your hair straight.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to apply these products every day before you leave your house.

Start from the Roots

Don’t be afraid to get your iron as close to your scalp as possible. Sure, it’s hot, and you might burn yourself, but this is the place all professionals recommend starting.

Leaving your roots unstraightened will make it easier for the rest of your hair to become curly.

Brush Before Straightening

brush before straightening

The goal of straightening is to make your hair look sleek and untangled.

If you start by straightening a tangled mess, it will only cause more work and shorter-lasting effects. Brush your hair entirely before straightening for the best results.

Don’t Straighten Too Often

If you want great results from straightening your hair, then you need to do it infrequently. Straightening too much can cause severe damage to your hair.

If you overdo it, then the results will last for a shorter time as well. Try always to leave a few days or weeks between straightening sessions.

Keep Curly Hair Straight Longer After Chemical Straightening

Chemical straightening is a process for straight hair that lasts longer. You can do it permanently or semi-permanently.

After you have one of these treatments, you need to follow a clear set of rules so that you don’t go back to curly or ruin your hair altogether.

Listen to Your Stylist

tips for keeping curly hair straight after chemical straightening

The person who applies your treatment will know best. They will understand the process and what you need to do after to keep from damage.

While they’re explaining it, you should take some notes or ask where to find the information online, so you remember it exactly.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Using shampoo every day will dry out your hair and cause the chemicals to rinse out faster. Instead, try shampooing twice or three times a week.

If you get your hair dirty, then feel free to shampoo, but try to avoid overdoing it at all costs.

Avoid Sun and Smog

avoiding sun to protect straightened hair

Pollution in the air and heat from the sun can have adverse reactions to the chemicals in your hair.

Try taking an umbrella when you go outside on a sunny day, or just wear a hat. This will make the chemicals last longer and prevent them from damaging your hair.

Straightened hair is fragile. The care you take to maintain it will determine both its quality and its duration.

So, follow these tips according to your straightening methods to keep your straightened hair last longer and healthier hair in general. Good luck with your hairdo!