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Top 10 Layered Bob Ideas For Fine Hair Over 50

Women over 50 are prone to hair breakage and thinning, and that’s why a layered bob haircut is a common choice for them. Aside from the low maintenance and easy styling, the layers add texture, movement, and most of all-volume, which makes fine hair look thicker and fuller.

To determine which style suits you best, check out our photo guide for layered bob for fine hair over 50 below.

What is A Layered Bob Haircut?

layered bob with fine hair for women over 50

A layered bob is a type of bob haircut that is cut in layers at varying lengths. The different layers give fine hair more definition and an illusion of fullness and thickness.

When choosing a layered bob hairstyle, it’s recommended that you consider the following factors:

Hair Length

The longer hair you have, the more layers you need to make it look more voluminous.

Face Shape

If you have a round face, make sure to ask your stylist to give you face-framing layers at the front portion of your hair.

Ease of Styling

Longer layered bobs are easier to style than shorter ones.

Why Women Over 50 Should Choose A Layered Bob Haircut?

Layered bob hairstyles provide a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice.

  • Boost volume and fullness: Layered bobs give fine hair the illusion of thickness with added dimension and movement.
  • Enjoy versatility: Adapt layered bobs easily to fit your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.
  • Experience low maintenance: They are low maintenance, so you’ll spend less time styling.
  • Embrace age-appropriate style: Layered bobs offer timeless sophistication for women above 50 while remaining fashionable.
  • Highlight your features: Work with your hairstylist to select a layered bob that accentuates your best features, such as eyes, cheekbones, or jawline.

Layered Bob Hairstyles for Fine-Haired Women Over 50

Layered bob hairstyles offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice.

Without further ado, here are some of the best choices you have for a layered bob for fine hair over 50.

1. Feathered Bob

medium layered bob for fine hair over 50

If you have fine wavy hair, congrats! It looks a lot fuller than straight hair. But if you’re still worried about it looking limp and dull, you can add feather layers to it and use a curling iron or hot brush to create a flyaway look.

2. Layered Curly Bob

layered curly bob for fine hair over 50

Even if you have finer hair, it’ll already look a bit more voluminous if you have naturally curly hair. Aside from the layers, you can also go for a side part for that sweeping volume your bob needs.

3. Blonde Bob with Side-Parted Bangs

layered blonde bob for fine hair over 50

Are you struggling with both thinning hair and hiding a large forehead? This combination of a layered bob and bangs is what you’re looking for with fine hair over 50!

The layers boost the bob’s volume while the side-swept bangs conceal your forehead in the most stylish way possible.


4. Brushed-Up Bob

layered bob with fine hair for black women over 50

The wavy hair and all the layers in this bob will certainly provide the volume it needs for women over 50 with fine hair. But if you want to give your hair that extra oomph, incorporate the brush-up hairstyle in your parting to prevent it from limping.

5. Layered Lob

long layered bob for fine hair over 50

As mentioned, the longer your hair, the more layers it needs to look voluminous, and this lob hairstyle is just the perfect example. While blow drying your hair, brush it away from your face to achieve this gorgeous look.

6. Middle-Part Bob

layered bob cut for fine hair over 50

When it comes to boosting hair volume for older women, adding one more layer won’t hurt, so take this chance to try out the most versatile bangs of all– the curtain bangs to your bob.

This suits all hair types and face shapes, but most especially round faces. Aside from making your hair look thicker, the bangs frame the hair perfectly well too.

7. Wavy Bob with Sideswept Bangs

layered wavy bob for fine hair over 50

When cut correctly, side-swept bangs can make fine hair look fuller. The secret is to avoid bangs that are too thick as these can emphasize how thin your hair is. With that said, short and wispy is the way to go.

8. Short Bob with Grey Blending

layered short bob for fine hair over 50

If you’re dealing with a salt and pepper hair issue, we highly recommend going for grey blending instead of covering the greys with your natural hair color.

This type of coloring technique uses highlight to lighten the surrounding hair so it can blend naturally with your grey hair.

The play in colors with layers will also give your bob more definition and depth, making it look thicker than it really is.

9. Medium Layered Bob with Highlights

layered bob with highlights for fine hair over 50

When it comes to coloring techniques for fine hair over 50 women, highlights are your best option. In addition to texture and depth, the coloring process also roughs up the hair cuticle and gives it a tousled and teased appearance.

This medium layered bob with blonde highlights can be your go-to look.

10. Micro Bob with Wispy Bangs

layered bob with bangs for fine hair over 50

Chin-length bobs are the way to go if you want a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain and style. If you want to transform your fine hair from drab to fab, just simply brush the tips away from your face. It’s that easy!

Even if you’re already over 50, you don’t have to settle for thin and fine hair. Just simply go for any of these layered bobs for fine hair over 50 and you’ll certainly bring your hair back to life!