55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

46. Auburn Curls

Auburn is a shade of lighter red. Voluminous auburn curls on a porcelain skin tone and colored eyes make the hottest combination. Leave your hair loose and messy to create your own auburn hairstyle. You can use good-quality hair spray to add some shine to the curls.


47. Red Dreadlocks

Looking for a funky punch to your hair? Try this amazing ginger hair color of the light red family. Messy ginger dreadlocks with curtain fringes create an appealing pixie look. This hair color goes well with cool and porcelain sin tone. Subtle makeup in an almost similar shade as that of the hair color will hype up the look!


48. Deep Orange Hair

Bright orange is a punk hair color. This dark red hair dye is not like others and needs dedication and bold look. Orange hair adds vibrancy and dimensions to one’s look. This unusual yet sassy hair color goes really well with darker outfits and fair skin tone. A touch of gothic look is an extra perk you will get!


49. Copper Red A-line bob

Copper red is a very versatile color because it goes well with all looks. It has the quality of accentuating one’s features and skin tone. This shade is a blend of red and bronze colors and looks very lively with a sun-kissed appearance. This warm and rich hair color looks amazing on an A-line bob cut.


50. Wavy Bob

bright red hairstyles

Rose gold is a richer version of rose hair color and belongs to the family of light red hair colors. This shade has a shiny hue of gold and a glossy look which makes your hair appear healthy and lively. Get an angled bob cut and slay the hair color!