55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

51. Cherry Red Ombre

Cherry red ombre hair will make anyone go “Oolala”! Thick, long and voluminous black hair makes the perfect canvas to play with cherry red hair color.

Ombre is preferred over dying the complete length of hair in order to avoid the look of being over-done.  Make loose long beach waves and flow!


52. Coral hair

Coral hair is amongst the most beautiful light red hair shades. Nothing can be beachier than beach waves on coral hair with an angled lob! Rock this barbie hair look in your simplest state.


53. Cinnamon hair

Cinnamon red balayage on medium length hair look very streaky and artistic. The matte gold appearance with a messy hue make the perfect hairstyle statement for this summer season.


54. Scarlet Hair

red hairstyles

Scarlet hair reflects heat and joy. It embodies sophistication and compliments the cool skin tones. With this light red hair color, you don’t need a makeup look to be gorgeous.


55. Bronze Hair

light red hair color for women

The warmth of bronze-red hair color brings our bronze skin tones. Bronze balayage on dark brown hair with a sun-kissed effect will give you a sexy hairstyle statement. Leave your hair messy and look effortlessly gorgeous!


Experimenting with light and dark red hair colors can give you a feeling of satisfaction you never experienced before. Over the years, men viewed redheads as feisty and brave girls, who deserve a lot of attention.