55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

21. Medium Red Auburn

beautiful Medium red auburn hairstyle

This dark red hair color will be suitable for girls who start out with auburn hair. The hue can be either reached with a uniform color or smart highlighting. In any case, the color will suit everybody.


22. Mexican Redheads


Light ginger red hair is a cute and popular color many girls try to achieve but not everyone can. In order to get this shade right, you either need to start with light hair or get them bleached.

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23. Mahogany Brown with Red Highlights

Mahogany brown with red highlight for women

Brownish mahogany hair shade is wonderful all on its own but you can make it even more impressive by adding light red highlights into the picture. Try to make them subtle so they look like fireflies in the dark.


24. Light Reddish Auburn


This is another light reddish brown hair shade that can suit everyone. It’s light enough to show the redness yet dark enough to allow you not to touch up the roots too often.


25. Short Red Hair

bright red hair for black women

This type of light red hair is not available to everyone. An intense carrot and light burgundy hue can make you stand out of the crowd. So if you are out to make a statement, go for it.