55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

26. Maroon Red Hair


Black cherry shade is a good semi-natural hue and looks perfect on silver hair. If you are looking to cover up the graying locks, choose a dark red hair dye like this one.


27. Magenta Red Hair Color

Appealing ombre hairstyle

Burgundy on top and flaming red on the bottom create an unusual yet appealing ombre that will have all the heads turning your way. Make sure to keep it neat and touch up the colors regularly.


28. Hair Extensions


Whenever you feel as if you are ready to experiment but don’t feel brave enough to do it, use hair extensions. A sew- in weave can create an image you always wanted without doing anything permanent.

Chic Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women


29. Mahogany Metallic


Mahogany metallic a darker red hair shade is hard to achieve on your own. You’ll need to ask a hairstylist to use lighter and darker shades of burgundy and mahogany to make a metallic shimmer. Enjoy the result!


30. Red Violet Hair 

dark red violet hair

Purple hair color is far from being natural but it’s still a popular way to dye your hair. Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions. If you feel like going purple, allow yourself to do it and enjoy the ride.