55 Light And Dark Red Hair Color Ideas to Look Better

31. Carrot Blonde


This light red hair color is a wonderful way to turn your dark mane into something brighter. You can use light red highlights and alternate them with the golden blonde highlights. The overall result will be soft and stunning.


32. Copper Red Hair


Flaming red colors are extremely popular but it doesn’t mean you have to stop at one hue. Add a lighter shade of red when you dye your shaggy bangs and the image will immediately change for the better.


33. Dark Auburn


Dark auburn hair color is very close to brown but it creates an impression of a certain brightness that simple brown can’t achieve. You can go for a dark auburn ombre in order to avoid frequent maintenance.

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34. Ginger Ombre

light red hairstyles

Ginger is a light red hair shade you can play around with. The best way to make it look even more stunning is to make an ombre. Use a darker ginger hue on top and lighter carrot blonde on the bottom.


35. Blood Red Hair


This fiery hair color is exactly what you need to fire up your image. The richer the light red hair color is, the more prominent your own features look. Just don’t forget to do regular touch-ups to maintain the color.