50 Light & Dark Brown Hair Colors for Smart Girls

Light and dark brown hair color is popular all over the world. However, many girls consider brown too dull of a color. Fortunately, it’s completely untrue. When you compare brown and blonde, brown can win many times. It’s a versatile color, which needs the least maintenance while looking bright and attractive. Women with natural dark or light brown hair color need just a few touch ups to look amazing. The brown color is often underrated but it can become one of the best choices for your next hair dyeing sessions. Consider a few different shades for your new look.


Highlights for Dark and Light Brown Hair

Most of the time, girls with brown hair opt for some sort of highlights. Any type of coloring technique looks great on light and dark brown hair but highlighting is the most popular. Here are a few ways you can go about highlighting your brown hair:

  • Shimmering highlights is one of the most popular deals. Only the lower part of your hair is highlighted in a way that just a few thin strands are lighter than the rest of the mane. This is a good choice for dark brown hair.
  • Going bronde is another way to deal with your brown locks. You need to choose the color about 2 shades lighter than your own and go for thin strand highlighting.
  • Partial highlights are great for girls with light brown hair who want it to look closer to blonde without too much hassle. The barely there highlights are easy to make and change the image in a flash.
  • Grey highlights are popular nowadays and they look strikingly perfect with dark brown hair. Consider adding some metallic shine to your locks and enjoy the bursting effect of your new look. Steel highlights look great with light brown hair as well.


Unique Dark & Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Dark and light brown hair colors vary greatly. There are so many shades of brown out there that you might get lost. Meanwhile, various coloring techniques such as blonde or balayage look very attractive on brown locks. Brown hair doesn’t require frequent touch ups like red or blonde hair does. It suits any image of face shape. The brown hair dyes are usually less damaging since there is no bleaching involved. If you are not satisfied with your current color or looking for new ways to dye your locks, we are ready to offer you 50 amazing choices.


1. Java Frost


Playing around with various brown shades can help you create a true masterpiece. This java frost option makes your hair look bright due to just a few light brown highlights which are slightly hidden on the sides.


2. Blonde highlights

Blonde Light & Dark Brown Hair style

Any brown hair color can benefit from blonde highlights. Light blonde highlights look the best with lighter shades of brown. Consider the mix of golden and honey shades. They have a winning appearance.


3. Reddish brown

Light & Dark Reddish brown Hairstyle for girl

Light brown hair color looks great with reddish undertones. Red hair color needs constant touchups so many girls go for this mix. It looks just as great as red while offering you a chance to forget about frequent maintenance.


4. Brown highlights

Light & Dark Brown Hair color idea for girl

If you are getting ready to become a blonde but not sure how to go about it, you can start with highlighting. Leaving a few light brown strands on your way to full blonde might convince you that this is a perfect look.


5. Light brown shades

 Light brown Hair style for girl

If you have brown hair then light brown hair color can easily diversify your appearance with the right highlights. These highlights are absolutely perfect for gals who don’t like going to the barber shop every month.

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