22 Unbeatable Long Box Braids to Explore

6. Black to Blonde Ombre

If your natural hair is long then that doesn’t mean you can’t add box braids in a contrasting color, as demonstrated by this beautiful black to blonde ombre style. Ask your hairstylist to work with the length of your natural hair and blend this into your braids in order to create this look.


7. Box Braid Long Ponytail

Long Ponytail Box Braid Hairstyles for girl

One of the most simple but effective box braided updos, if you have extra-long box braids then why not pull them up into a sleek and swinging ponytail? This style is great for showing off chiseled cheekbones and defined features.

Jumbo Box Braids

8. Chunky Long Box Braids

Whilst skinny box braids tend to be more common, why not experiment with chunky long box braids to add an interesting textural dimension to your style? Ask your hairdresser for box braids that are rope thick and blend your extensions into your natural hair to create this style.


9. Bright Blue Long Box Braids

Bright Blue Long Box Braid Hairstyles

When adding box braid extensions to your hair, why not experiment with bright and bold color? This is a great way to explore unique and eye catching colorways without having to bleach and cause extreme damage to your natural hair. This blue style would look fantastic for a summer on the beach!


10. Box Braids In a Half Up Do

Long Box Braid Hairstyles

If you love the length of your long box braids but they keep swinging into your face then why not explore a half up do? This stylish look will allow you to pull your braids away from your face and create an eye-catching updo effect whilst still showing off the full length of your hair.