22 Unbeatable Long Box Braids to Explore

11. Multicolored Long Box Braids

Multicolored Long Box Braid Hairstyles

Why add just one color to your box braid style when you could add them all? Ask your stylist to create this modern rainbow effect using at least three different colored extensions, and blend the colored hair together in different patterns and braid thicknesses to create this unusual but eye-catching style.


12. Twisted Braid Up Do

If you want your hair off your face but don’t like to lengthen yourself by piling it on your head then why not explore these ultra-feminine twisted braids? These look complicated, but by braiding your braids and then twisting them under, this style is surprisingly easy to achieve. Hair accessories, such as this flower, are easy to wear and will add a touch of femininity to any hair style


13. Accessorize with a Flower Crown

Flower Crown with Long Box Braid Hairstyles

Who says braids have to be boring? This is a quick and easy hairstyle with maximum impact, ideal for a special occasion. Simply pull your braids to the side of your head and tie in a low, loose ponytail before adding a headband or crown made from flowers.


14. Pink Box Braids

Long Box Braid Hairstyles

Why not embrace this season’s fashion-forward pink hair trend by adding pink box braids to your look? Candyfloss pink is one of this season’s hottest hair colors, and it looks fantastic worn in box braids of all styles and thicknesses.


15. Add Beautiful Beads

If you want to add extra detail to your box braids without adding color then why not consider adding beads instead? This beautifully natural look has been constructed from wooden beads and shells to create an outdoorsy and organic style.