10 Long Crew Cuts for A Fresh Look

The long crew cut is suitable for any season and can easily be adapted on any face type. Moreover, this also brings out a distinctly soft touch to the men’s hairstyle.


Long Crew Cuts

Here are some of the best long crew cut ideas to try.

1. Classic Military Cut

long crew cuts for men

This military buzz cut is perhaps as close to the classic crew cut as possible. The variation here is with the long length of the hair at the center.

The interesting variation of the length actually adds to the rugged appeal and help highlight the positive masculine energy to the hilt. It makes the style stand out and rest assured that heads will turn irrespective of where you walk around.

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2. Messy Tapered Crew Cut

guy with long crew cut

In this long crew cut style, the messy textured top combines brilliantly with the trimmed sides. It looks good on just about any style of hair and most importantly, it fits any occasion, both casual and formal ones.


3. Receding Hairline Haircut

Long Crew Cut with a Receding Hairline

The crew cut can be rather unforgiving to those with a receding hairline. But the moment you increase the hair length, it becomes absolutely stunning and in many ways rather attractive too.


4. Salt and Pepper Side Swept Crew Cut

long crew cut

In this long top crew cut, the styling remains close to the conventional classic but the variation is in the relative length and the combination of the salt and pepper style.

The moment the hair is longer, it has to be brushed to the sides to get the same neat appeal. That combined with the thin stache and the soul patch creates a rather unique appeal.


5. Skin Fade on Crew Cut

long crew cut with skin fade

The comb over haircut in this style stands out both in terms of its length and the color. The long spiked crew cut exudes a rather striking appeal in this silver shade. The matching silver beard adds to the ruggedness of the styling.

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6. Thin Hairstyle

This long crew cut is ideal for men with relatively thin hair. It helps cover the areas with relatively thin hair and the overall uniformity in length gives an illusion of volume. That way, it remains neat, business-like and creatively charming at the same time.


7. Ivy League Hairstyle

In case you are wondering how you can compare short comb over with the crew, this long top cut is a beautiful representation of cool crew cut style and a hot fad. It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions and exudes an understated ruggedness.


8. High and Tight Fade

best long crew cuts for men

The wavy long hair on top makes this crew cut rather charming. The shaved sides reiterate the ruggedness at the same time. As a result, you have a style that is both hot and cool at the same time.


9. Caesar Cut

crew cuts for men with long hair

Typically low fade and crew cut are often considered as different variations of the short haircut styles. But if your hair length is slightly longer, you can easily combine the two to get a stunning longer crew haircut. It is neat, firm and its rugged charm is striking.

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10. Asian Buzz Cut

long crew cut for guys

Edgy, esoteric and slightly bordering towards a hipster look, this cut is a cool adaptation of the conventional one.


The crew cut hairstyle is all about creatively adapting a conventional classic. This is a type of cut that takes away the harsh and the stern elements of the crew cut and introduces a charming and attractive appeal to the same. In case you are keen on a neat, low maintenance style, the long crew cut hairstyle is one of the best options.

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