60 Unbeatable Short Hairstyles for Long Faces [2020]

11. The boyish look 

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 11-min

This boyish bob will be a hit for women with long faces. The front is arranged as a short bob, so the shape doesn’t look too elongated. The back is left longer to provide a nice boyish look. This is a low maintenance cut you will surely love.


12. Bright colors

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 12-min

Women with all hair types need to make a choice of hair color. Sometimes we all want a change and it is not always connected with the hairstyle. Choosing the right hair color will make you look truly amazing.


13. Long pixie

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 13-min

Want a real beautiful hairstyle? Arrange your hair in this long pixie. The bangs have to be styled upwards to create a rounded shape which will make your face seem more oval. This is another low maintenance cut for girls with thick hair.


14. Neat asymmetrical bob

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 14-min

This neat asymmetrical bob will do a great job outlining your facial features and hiding your face length. This is a wonderful option for women with thin hair. It is easily styled and makes a great impression. Give it a try!


15. Spiky pixie

Short Hairstyles for Long Faces 15-min

Spiky pixie is one of the best short hairstyles for long faces. You can style the spikes any way you like to make your face look more oval. Spikes are in style now, so you can’t go wrong with them! A great haircut for girls with thick and unruly hair.