Long Top & Short Sides – 50 Exclusive Men’s Hairstyles

6.  Wild fohawk

Wild fohawk hairstyle for cool men

If you are not ready for a real mohawk long on top hairstyle for men, you can turn to a more moderate fohawk. Keep the hair on the sides less than half an inch short and let the top part grow wild.


7.  Long bangs

men Long bangs hairstyle for light brown color

If you want to create an original cut, consider this short on sides hairstyle for men that involves long bangs. Long hair is left only on top to create a nice and spiky pompadour while the rest is short and easy to style.


8.  Fohawk with hair designs


The short on sides hairstyles for men are great for various hair designs. If you decide to shave your sides, then patterns are a must. But even if the sides are cut short, a professional hairdresser can still make appealing lines.


9. Windblown pompadour

Windblown pompadour hairstyle for cool boy

When you leave the hair on top of your head long enough for high hair, you need to remember that it will take some time to style. Consider wild and windblown looks such as this one to minimize the hassle.


10.  Ivy League


Various long on top short on sides hairstyles for men can be considered Ivy League. Neat well-trimmed hair on the sides coupled with a sleek comb over or refined spikes are a great choice for any occasion.