Long Top & Short Sides – 50 Exclusive Men’s Hairstyles

21. Spiky undercut


A spiky undercut is a popular modern hairstyle, which is designed to suit most men. No matter what type of hair you have, unless it’s very curly, you can create a prominent spiky undercut.


22. Creative pompadours

 Creative pompadours hairstyle for men

Pompadours are stylish, formidable and make a great impression. Whether you have a taper fade or an undercut, the top part can be arranged in a fun and exotic way. Consider sweeping the hair to one side to create asymmetry.


23. Toss it


Soft-looking hair without too much hair cosmetics is exactly what you need for a fashionable guy image. Leave the top part long enough for careless tossing and all the girls will be yours.


24. Just a little higher

men little higher hairstyle all time best

Any short on sides hairstyle for men can look good with a spiky top. No matter how different the length of the hair is, it will always look contrasted when spiked. This is a simple hairstyle which is great for any occasion.


25. Long comb over

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The longer the hair on top is, the more prominent comb over you can create. Don’t be afraid to use some hair cosmetics to let it stay neat. Brush your fingers through to create a modern image. Check taper fade comb over hairstyles.