25 Magnetic Bridesmaid Hairstyles To Draw Attention

That special wedding day is around the corner and besides caring for your dress, hair and nails, you can’t forget about bridesmaid hairstyles. Some girls allow their friends to choose the styles on their own, while others do some careful research to make sure that the bridesmaid hairstyles suit her own or at least go together with the rest of their image. Of course, if you want your wedding to be absolutely perfect, you will need to spend some time planning. Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding planner, you will be choosing the perfect bridesmaid style out there.


Striking Bridesmaid Hairstyles You Will Love

Every girl cares about how she will appear at the wedding. But many forget about the way their bridesmaids will look. Never forget that the bridesmaids will be part of most of your wedding photos. Their image is especially important for the perfect wedding. That’s why it is imperative to pay special attention to their hairstyles. Perhaps you will want them all to have the same one just like the dresses. Or you’d like them to  wear their hair either up or down. Whatever is the case, you will need to browse through some good options to make your choice. We prepared a short list of 25 hairstyles that you can use to make up your mind about the bridesmaid image.

1. Flower fun

Flower fun haircut for girl

A rare wedding won’t have flowers all over the place. And one of the places they look the best is the bridesmaids’ hair. Attach beige or red flowers to the bridesmaids’ locks while leaving the white to the bride.

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2. Bright headbands


Bright headbands are the perfect way to make al bridesmaids look as similar as possible. Buy large accessories and make sure they match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

3. Complicated buns


This long bridesmaid hairstyle can easily create this complicated bun with the help of your favorite hairstylist. It will look especially well on highlighted hair without any visible accessories.

4. Curly bangs

 Curly bangs hairstyle for women

Another cool way to go about the bridesmaid hairstyles is to make simple curl arrangements. Ask them to create a large bun in the back and have each of them leave on curly strand hanging down the forehead.

5. Bridesmaid hairstyle for short hair


If you need a perfect hairstyle for short hair, this is a great choice for you. You will need to make small and very tight curls and brush all your hair backwards. Use a lot of hair spray to keep it up.

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6. Braided bun

Braided bun hairstyle for girl

A braided bun is easy to make. However, it is still one of the most popular wedding hairstyles for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Diversify it with some interesting clips or flowers.

7. Curly Sue for the bridesmaid


No wedding will be perfect without a lot of curls. So, even if the bride opted for straight hairstyle, bridesmaids should bring some curly atmosphere into the picture.

8. Comb over

Comb over hairstyle for women

This is a great bridesmaid hairstyle for girls with long and straight hair. The front locks are combed over to one side and the back, while the rest of the hair is arranged into a simple low bun.

9. Long bangs


Brides prefer not to deal with long bangs since they get into their faces at the most unexpected moments. However, the bridesmaids can easily allow themselves to sport long and sexy fringe.

10. High bun


Even if the bride decided to go for a high bun, it doesn’t mean bridesmaids should avoid it. One of the best wedding style choices is to have the same hairstyle for everybody. A high bun is a good option.

11. Hair extensions

Hair extensions for women

Hair extensions are a perfect choice for bridesmaids who must all have the same hairstyle. Buns and braids are the easiest way to arrange the hair to make everyone look similar.

12. Donut bun


Donut buns are very easy to make with the help of  special hair accessories or just a simple sock. This hairstyle will not have you spending money on hair salons and will still look amazing.

13. Temporary highlights for bridesmaid

nice Temporary highlights for girl

A great way to create a special bridesmaid hairstyle is to dye your hair. If you don’t want anything permanent, go for temporary highlights to make your tresses brighter and more impressive.

14. Loose style


If you want to make a nice and relaxed impression at your friend’s wedding, consider loose hairstyles. Make sure to keep it together with plenty of hairsprays otherwise, you’ll get a mess by the end of the day.

15. A cocoon

A cocoon hairstyle for women

This is a good choice for girls who don’t have long hair but still want a stunning hairstyle. A professional hairstylist will make your tresses look stunning with just a few strokes and a lot of gel.

16. Cutie bridesmaid’s curls


If you are a bridesmaid at a princess-like wedding you might want to work on a simple yet very cute girl image. Simple blond curls can do the trick if they are neatly arranged together. This short bridesmaid hairstyle is an amazing option if you don’t have the long hair to do other styles.

17. Half up half down

Half up half down hairstyle for women

This simple half up half down hairstyle is a great way to arrange a bridesmaid’s hair without any extra hassle. All you have to do is create some curls and tie the front strands in the back with a nice accessory.

18. Flowing curls


Flowing curls are a no-lose bridesmaid hairstyle. Even if the bride chooses the same style, it will still look perfect. Make sure some strands are hanging over your shoulders so they are visible on the photos.

19. Simple beehive

 Simple beehive hairstyle

A small beehive is a great addition to the simple half up half down hairstyle. Consider creating neat coils in the area where the strands are tied together. You will look fantastic!

20. Romantic waves


A bridesmaid is a very important person at any wedding. But she can’t upstage the bride. So it makes sense to go for a simple hairstyle such as romantic waves and no large accessories.

21. Lift it up


There are many ways you can lift up your tresses. But if you are a bridesmaid, no need to get too creative. Make sure that this loose hairstyle is well-held by a lot of hairsprays.

22. Short bangs

Short bangs hairstyle for women

If you have short bangs, consider clipping them to the rest of the hair in order for them to stay neat all day long. The rest of the hair can be arranged to make a stunning half up half down style.

23. Nice and natural


If there are no special requirements for a bridesmaid hairstyle, you can go for the natural look. Surprisingly enough, this is the approach which is usually the most appreciate by the brides.

24. Blunt bangs for bridesmaids

Blunt bangs hairstyle

Blunt bangs look perfect coupled with long and wavy hair. This is one of the simplest yet very beautiful hairstyles you can use if you are a bridesmaid. Just don’t forget the hair gel to keep the curls neat.

25. Blond and fabulous


Dyeing your hair blond is always a great way to make your image brighter. Lighten up the color of your hair if you are a bridesmaid and you will truly shine on your friend’s special occasion.

These awesome bridesmaid hairstyles will help you decide what to do with your or your friends’ hair on that special day. Don’t automatically go for the simplest ones. Complicated hairstyles can really make the girls shine and the day truly memorable.