20 Mahogany Brown Hair Color You’ll Really Go Wild For

6. A spicy ombre

spicy ombre hair like dark mahogany brown

Different shades of brown create stunning ombres. Use mahogany brown on top and auburn brown on the bottom or add some golden brown into the mix. Whatever you do, the result will be great.


7. Mahogany red


Become a striking redhead with different mahogany shades of brown. If you’ve got green eyes, this color is definitely for you. Just don’t forget to start using brighter makeup.


8. Be natural

Natural mahogany brown hair for women

Mahogany brown hair color is a great way to turn your dull dyed locks into amazing shiny tresses. Add some natural hues and you will immediately enjoy the result.


9. 50 shades of mahogany


If you think mahogany brown is something dark, you are wrong, With the right shade of mahogany, you can change your image for the better by brightening up the color.


10. Close to perfect

best mahogany brown haircut you like

A perfect mahogany brown hair color can only be achieved if you haven’t dyed your hair before and it’s not too naturally light. If you’ve been a blond before, the color can be a little lighter than it should.

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