How to Make Passion Twists Last Longer

Passion twists are this year’s new fever, and any black girl craves for them. Their inventor, Kaylin Rogers, a hairstylist from LA, launched a new trend for her customers and everybody adored the new hairdo. Like any protective styles, you want to keep them intact as long as possible. To make passion twists last longer isn’t that complicated;  all you need is to follow some tips and tricks.

But, before you start doing anything, you need to deeply moisturize, girl! Put your favorite product on the tips of your fingers and spread it on your strands. It will help you maintain the hairstyle neat and fabulous!

passion twists

To make it easier for you to build and make the passion twists last, here are all the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Buy 8-12 bundles of curly hair, take each extension, and split it into two thinner strands. Unite them again and keep each coil longer on one side.
Step 2: Place the strands at the roots and braid your natural hair lock with the two hair extensions. Do that 4 -5 times.
Step 3: Separate the hair again into two sections, start twisting the two locks, and add moisturizer from time to time. Repeat the procedure for all the parts of the hair.


How Long Do Passion Twists Last

The passion twists can last for eight weeks and even a little bit longer. Also, remember that not only your passion twists need maintenance, but also the scalp. If you want to avoid getting dandruff, use oils to moisturize the scalp and roots, and remove impurities with a makeup pad or cotton ball.


Tips to Make Passion Twists Last Longer

If you are wondering how to make passion twists last longer, some techniques can help you, and one of these procedures involves using small strands to create the braids. If they are thinner, you will get a lot of volumes, and they will remain tighter.

You can also use a moose with an extra hold to increase the durability of the passion twists or add a lot of hairsprays.


This astonishing mix between Senegalese and goddess locs resulted in a new hairstyle that took the black women’s culture by storm. All adore them and want to know how to make passion twists last. We believe it’s quite easy if you follow out tips and tricks mentioned. However, we can’t wait to hear from you, so let us know how the procedure went.

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