Mango Butter for Hair: Benefits & How to Use

Mango butter continues to receive rave reviews for the positive results that have been seen with natural hair over the last few years from many hairstylists. Aside from the ability to use it more than just hair –including skin, nails, and lips, mango butter is a favorite for several reasons. It is ripe with major vitamins like A, C, and antioxidants.


Benefits of Mango Butter for Hair

Mango butter has properties which enable it to establish moisture in natural hair that may struggle to remain hydrated due to the nature of its coiled and curly texture. Natural hair is at greater risk of breakage due to a variety of reasons including mechanical damage, due to harsh manipulations (i.e. combing, brushing), heat or chemicals. Even its naturally curly structure places it at risk thanks to its drier texture. Naturally, curly hair is drier and more brittle than straight hair which often requires more interventions to moisturize and strengthen it.


Many conditioners and other hair care products on the market contain mango butter as well as the ever-popular shea butter. When compared with shea butter, there are some who will say the two products are equal or somewhat similar.

Mango butter users report being attracted to this product because unlike shea butter which can sometimes sit atop of hair, and mango butter is readily absorbed into the hair, thus not only moisturizing hair but helping to strengthen the overall structure. It repairs split ends and adds much-needed volume as well to hair.

If your hair has been lacking shine that attests to the health of your hair, you will be pleased with the results of mango butter. It’s a great sealant for twists and braids, thus adding life to otherwise dull hair.

Mango butter also has a UV protectant quality which also assists in protecting the scalp and hair from the sun. It supports cell regeneration of the scalp which ultimately promotes hair growth. Mango butter reportedly also aids in the treatment of dandruff and slowing of hair loss.

Tips to Make Your Dull Hair Shine Again


Make Your Own Mango Butter

There are some mango butter products on the market but for those who prefer to mix their mango butter treatment personally, it can be done within the comfort of their home.

While this butter may be costlier than shea butter, users agree that the price is worth it. Mango butter can be mixed with other essential oils such as jojoba, olive or coconut oil and applied on a weekly basis for consistent results.

Simply add the mango butter mix to your hair during the styling process, or you can add it to your shampoo, conditioner or hot oil treatment regimen.

homemade mango butter for hair

In summary, mango butter is ripe with a variety of benefits for our skin, hair and nails. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that with consistent use, allows for thick, moisturized hair. You should add this item to your arsenal of hair products.


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