70 Incredible Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men

31. Rolling locks



You can give your hair more volume by rolling your hair over. Use a barrel brush to create big rolls coming right from the roots. Use styling gel to keep your hair in position.


32. Spikes with Shaved Tramlines

men blowout hair cut for Spikes with Shaved

For the top of your style, you just need to spike your hair up and gel it into place. Keep the sides relatively short but do not shave off your hair completely. Use a razor to shave three short tramlines into either side of your hair.


33. Thin Spikes

Thin Spikes hair blowout for young boy

Spikes suit thinner hair types because you can use them to create length and volume in your style. You can put gel into your hair and then run a comb upwards through it. Alternatively, you can tease individual spikes upwards between your thumb and forefinger.


34. Angular Styling


This type of angular styling is a real throwback to the 1980s. The idea is to create a straight line all the way from your jaw to the tips of your hair. Cut the style so it has a flat top.


35. Temple Taper Fade with Sharp Spikes

Temple Taper Fade natural blowout hairstyle for men

Keeping your hairline as a temple taper fade will help to give you a great angular look. If you have very thin hair or if your hair is still growing out, it is best to create sharp spikes by pinching smaller sections of hair together with gel between your finger and your thumb.


36. Angular Afro


This Afro is a variation on the angular theme. Keep all of your cuts straight, smooth and angular to give your style a masculine look. Allow your Afro to grow upwards and allow texture on top, but maintain your angular lines.


37. Trainee ‘fro

 Trainee 'fro blowout haircut for black boy

If you want to keep your Afro even, the Junior ‘fro is a great style to show your barber. Any stray hairs which grow outside of a certain area can be promptly chopped to help to keep the style shaped and even.


38. Wedge Blowout


This wedge style cut is much longer at the front than it is at the back. Keep your wedge looking cool by using a lot of holding gel and a comb to tease your hair into a perfectly manicured style.


39. Man Bun with Undercut

Man Bun with Undercut blowout hairstyle you like

Undercut the lower layers of your hair to create a cool shaven style which segues seamlessly into your beard. Blow dry your hair and then scrape it back and up into a man bun which sits high up on the back of your head.


40. Ivy League Waves


This wavy style is perfect for the highly educated male. Although blowouts are often associated with guys like Pauly-D, there is nothing to stop Ivy League guys rocking the style too. Loose waves in voluminous hair is the ideal choice for these people.