70 Incredible Blowout Haircut Ideas for Men

51. Wavy and Textured Blowout Hair

Have you ever seen a wild bedhead look turning into a fashion-forwarded look? If not yet, look at the above image, it is right here! You can achieve this look by scrunching your wavy hair with the help of hands right after blow drying and applying some pomade.


52. Thomas Knight’s Red Blowout

Ginger hair gives a whole new definition to men’s blowout hair and if you have natural red hair, it would be a plus point. So, be creative and style your hair into a textured and messy top for an intense aesthetics.


53. Disheveled Pompadour Look

Sometimes disheveled hair gives you such modish vibes that no other hairstyle can! You can achieve this look by finger combing after the blow drying procedure. It is an enchanting bedhead outlook that you can opt for a casual meet up on weekend.


54. Regal Blowout + Highlights

Go crazy with highlights! It is best for those men who want to add imperial change into their classy blow out hairstyle. The ultimate advantage of having black hair is that you can experiment with any shade of hair color, unhesitatingly.


55. Pedro Bertolini’s Charming Blowout Hair

blowout haircut for long hair

It comes under the list of that blow out hairstyles, which require minimum maintenance and styling time. All you need is a small amount of hair gel and slight blow-drying to achieve the look. The highlights are giving more definition to whole hair structure.


56. Irreplaceable Look

It is an absolute hair goal for those guys who are always in a rush to style their hair. The style might reveal that it requires no styling, but it does require styling and some effort to achieve this look. The front hair looks styled into long messy bangs after blow drying and the remaining hair looks turned into messy curls by running the hands through hair.


57. Eccentric Fauxhawk

This guy has taken the fifty shades of green to a whole new level. It is a quite bold, vibrant and sharp blow out the hairstyle that features Fauxhawk, curvy shaven sides around the ear and tapered back. If you have guts, go for this one and grab the attention of everyone around you!


58. Clipper Blowout Haircut

If you are looking for an edgier look, but lesser than the spikes you can opt for a blowout clipper hairstyle. It works well on straight hair. To achieve this look, blow dry your hair, brushed up the top side hair and turn the strand into sharp textured by applying hair gel through hands.


59. Blowout Hair with Razor line

It features subtle blow out top, bald fade side and razor line on the sides. The razor line adds more details and funky feature to your look. You can eliminate the razor line if you want a sophisticatedly smoother look.


60. Punk Hair

blowout hairstyle for punk look

It is the best way to contour your chubby or round face shape for a jazzy look. Platinum blonde top makes the whole look even more modish. Grow a lineup garibaldi for debonair appearance.  Add stylish tramlines on the sides for an uber-cool look.