60 Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men That Rock

6. Temple fade (Blowout fade)

Temple fade

This is a type of fade haircut that became popular in the 1990s and needs a high-top hairstyle. It can be considered a low fade created as an auxiliary style to shape up the top part.

Basically, what it does is make an edge to make the top style more obvious. The fading itself is quite short. There is only about 1 or 2 inch fading stripe created around the head. The longer your top is, the more obvious the temple fade will be.

This type of fade haircut requires frequent touch-ups since it can quickly blend in with the rest of your hair, especially if the top is not too high.


7. High top fade

High top fade

When you want to imagine a perfect high top fade haircut, think about Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel- Air. It’s a 1980s hairstyle that stayed pretty popular for about 15 years. Nowadays it can still be made. This hairstyle is popular among African American and Jamaican men since their thick and curly hair allows them to make it.

The hair on the sides and in the back is cut as it would be in a high fade, while the top is left quite long. Some top parts start at just 4 inches and others go up to 10. All depends on how much time you are ready to spend on styling your hair. In modern days, men with high top fades prefer making complicated designs on the shaved part.


8. Medium shaped-up fade


This is a short fade that will appeal to men who don’t like to bother with too much styling. The fading starts in the middle of the forehead and goes down to about 3 inches above the ears. The top part is closely trimmed by the scissors to create a shaped-up appearance.


9. Combed over high fade


High fades are gaining popularity due to their low-maintenance properties. However, many men are choosing to leave the top part of their fade long enough for styling experiments. If the hair on top is longer than about 5 inches, you can create a stylish high comb-over.


10. Side part disconnect


The disconnected side part is a popular way to shape a fade. The fade itself is high and starts about two inches above your ears. The top part is 4 inches long. You need to make low side part and use hair gel to make the disconnection line obvious.

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