60 Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men That Rock

26. High and soft

New Fade Haircuts 5

A high drop fade looks wonderful when coupled with high and soft top hairstyle. You can create a pompadour without too much hair gel by shaping the locks with your fingers and using hairspray to keep them in place.


27. Fast and simple

young simple Fade cut hair

This fade haircut is not new but it’s 100 % all-purpose. The hair is cut as short as possible on the sides to create a high fade. The hair on top is left to be about 2 inches long. Use hair gel to spike it up or smooth it down depending on your preferences.


28. Scissors fade

 Fade Haircut

A scissors fade is a complicated haircut which looks amazing no matter how you style the top. If you are ready to go further and play around with spikes or pompadours on top, you’ll definitely make an impression.


29. High drop fade

New Fade Haircuts 9

A high drop fade is the best way to get rid of all excess hair and keep the maintenance to a minimum. If you are one of those guys who doesn’t like combs, brushes, and hair gel, this style is for you.


30. Slick look

New Fade Haircuts 10

Hair gel can help you deal with the top part of your fade haircut whenever you are not feeling up to something special or simply forgot to wash your hair. Take a look at the picture and try to create a similar form with your fingers.

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