60 Different Types of Fade Haircuts for Men That Rock

41. Short fade

New Fade Haircuts for Men in USA 11-min

A short faded haircut with a very subtle fade is a great style for guys with any hair type. It is a universal style which works well for hundreds of different guys.


42. Subtle Peak

New Fade Haircuts for Men in USA 12-min

Comb the hair in the center of your head up into a subtle peaked style using your hands or a comb. This will give your style a little bit more volume.





















Now that you know the above different types of fade hairstyles, you will never be caught unawares in a barber’s chair. Most of the hairstylists have a good idea about the perfect way of making all these fade haircuts. However, some of them also get mixed up in terminology. So, if you want to get what you’ve come for, we recommend bringing a picture with you or save this post on your mobile gadget to show the barber what you really want.

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