80 Sexiest Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men [2020]

11. Taper fade

best Taper fade short hair for men

Taper fades can be different. Sometimes it makes sense to leave more hair on the sides in order to make the face shape rounder. Choose a long taper fade with some hair on top to make the spikes.


12. Long fohawk

Long fohawk hairstyle for men

Making a fohawk doesn’t mean cutting the sides really short. You can keep them a little longer but leave the top even longer for obvious contrast. Pay special attention to the bangs. They are the easiest to style.


13. Widow’s peak


If you have a widow’s peak, you might want to consider cutting the top part of your hair short. Spiky locks on top are not the best choice for men with this type of hairline. You can make the sides long if you wish.


14. Low taper fade

Low taper fade short hairstyle for men

A taper fade is one of the most popular short haircuts for men out there. The fading effect creates some volume on top while the bottom is so short that a guy can avoid frequent visits to the barber shop.


15. Ivy League

young men Ivy League short hairstyle

Ivy league cuts are among the men’s most popular short hairstyles since they suit any occasion. There are no shaved or really short parts to make the cut unsuitable for an office format or a formal event.


16. Asymmetrical undercut


Asymmetrical undercuts are gaining popularity. Consider cutting short just the front part of your temples and keeping the rest of the hair on the sides a little longer. The top can be played around with too.


17. Fun tops

cute boy spiky hairstyle

Short haircuts for men are fun when they are brave enough to leave some hair on top. There are so many amazing ways you can arrange the long locks, you just must give them a chance.

Men’s Coolest Curly Hairstyles


18. Spiky curls

Spiky curls hairstyle for cool men

If you have curly hair, you can have an amazing short haircut with the fun spiky curls. Keep the sides cut very short and leave enough length on top to make the curls visible.


19. Partial mohawk

men Partial mohawk short hairstyle

A partial mohawk entails shaving just part of your temples and leaving long hair on top, on the sides and the back. This is a high-maintenance style, so make sure you are ready for keeping it neat.


20. Undercut with bangs


Undercut with bangs is a good choice for guys who hate brushes but want to add their images something funky. Bangs can be arranged in many different ways from spikes to a comb over.