80 Sexiest Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men [2020]

21. Windblown mohawk

boys Windblown mohawk for short hairstyle

Mohawk is a short hairstyle that has many development options. You can start by growing the top part long and then brushing it in different directions to create a windblown look.


22. Spike it up

3 (3)

Any short haircut for men can be changed in a matter of seconds by creating spikes on top. No matter what hairstyle you have chosen, you can make the spikes and immediately look stylish.

Round Face Hairstyles


23. Curly and fabulous

black men Curly and fabulous short hairstyle

Many black men hate their curly and unruly hair, but cutting it short can get rid of all the problems. Consider creating this neat taper fade that will help you flaunt the curls without taking too much care of them.


24. Tapered mohawk


A full blown mohawk might seem scary at first so you can start with a high taper fade. It has all the qualities a real mohawk does but you are leaving more hair on the sides for the changes not to be too drastic.


25. Short and promising


Guys with a widow’s peak look amazing with simple short hairstyle when more hair is left in front. There is no reason to hide your amazing hairline. Emphasize it with some extra hair.


26. Slight mohawk


While some guys like going all out with their mohawk, there is no reason to grow a long mane on top. About 1 or 2 inches of hair is just enough to create a great hairstyle while the sides are shaved.


27. Spiky crest

5 (2)

If you are not afraid of spending some extra minutes in front of the mirror in the morning, you can turn even the simplest short haircut for men into something as impressive as you see on the photo.


28. Keep it high


This high taper fade for black men is great and exciting. The curly and thick hair black guys usually have can stand up on its own without any help. So you can keep it very low-maintenance.


29. Spikes all around

nice Spike haircut for men

This is a creative approach to a simple fade. Just a little hair gel can turn your short haircut into something very interesting. You don’t need to spend too much time on it. Just work your fingers for a few seconds.


30. A cowlick


A cowlick is not getting out of style, it’s just becoming a little different. Consider leaving enough hair in front to create all kinds of amazing style, including this one.