80 Sexiest Short Haircuts & Hairstyles for Men [2020]

31. Mohawk for a widow’s peak

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Guys with a widow’s peak can enjoy this amazing mohawk but it will need some styling on their part. Don’t be afraid to grow your hair a little longer. Hair gel is easy to work with.


32. Shape it up

black young boy short hairstyle

Shaped up haircuts look especially interesting. This variation of a blowout can be appealing to guys who like long hair but hate touch-ups and want to avoid it getting into their faces.


33. New Ivy League

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If you like to sport your Ivy league haircut when you are going to the office but want something special on your night out, consider spiking up your mane in a way you see on the photo and perhaps growing some whiskers.


34. High comb over


Short on the sides and the back and long on top can make you look really impressive. There is absolutely no hassle with this short hairstyle for men who are not afraid of hair gel. Just brush it backward.


35. Oh, those bangs

boy favorite bang haircut

If your hair is naturally straight, you can go for side swept bangs. Any hairstyle will look special if you take care of your long bangs. However, if your locks are curly, styling them will be a hassle.


36. Boyish fade

young boy Boyish fade short haircut

Want a short haircut but don’t want to wear a hat in the winter? Leave more hair on your head while still creating a low fade. Leave enough on top for the purpose of making nice stylish spikes.


37. Straight lines


When you are getting a short haircut, there is so much you can play around with. Ask your hairstylist to shape up your haircut with straight lines or come up with some other interesting design.


38. Hair design


Hair design is one of the greatest advantages of short hairstyles for men. Whenever there is shaving involved, there is plenty of room for imagination. Get lines, dots, flowers, or whatever your heart desires.


39. Complicated hairstyles

black men Complicated hairstyles

If you are brave enough to do some styling, you might want to go for complicated hairstyles that involve shaving, brushing and managing. You can make a great statement with such a cut while looking unique.

Creative Fade Haircuts for Modern Men


40. Ocean waves


Ask your hairstylist for ocean waves. They look especially good with short and curly hair. They involve using a special brush and a little patience. Learn how to make them yourself.